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  1. Thanks Malcolm. Your photos do help. I notice that you have experience of both the EQ5 & HEQ5. And although I have no intention of AP (although as someone has already pointed out, things do change!) would you honestly recommend the HEQ5 over the EQ5 for standard observing? Is it that much more stable/precise to warrant the additional initial cost?
  2. Thanks for your input Martin. All this advice helps. I've never actually seen a 200P in the flesh (so to speak). But looking at the dimensions on the web the OTA appears to be approx 60 (odd)% of the physical size of a 300P (of which I have seen/used). This, as you pointed out, is still quite large. (Great for some things, but not for others!) Protected storage is one of my concerns. (i.e. not being bashed/knock/tipped on a daily basis by the rest of the household!) Hence the appeal of a SCT. Still no closer to clicking the 'Buy' button on one scope! As you say, I know I'll be delighted with my new toy when it arrives. But which one?
  3. Thanks James. I had almost convinced myself that I could save the £200 odd pounds and accept the EQ5's limitations. (I know that the 200p take it to it's limit). And then you come and be all logical, with your sensible and valid comments. You're not helping!:)
  4. The 300P was stunning! (Although, I am comparing it to my current 4" Newt.) I'm 1.92m tall, so height is not so much of an issue, even overhead. (Although. it is a long tube.) However, some horizon objects can have me upside down on my knees while resting on one arm! (Normally while viewing through other people's Newtonians' ) My only experience of a 300P is limited to a few minutes at half a dozen DSO's. (Spectacular!) Enough to convince me to upgrade, but not really long enough to comment about the instrument in any real depth. But the view was stunning!
  5. Yeh, I keep forgetting about my chiropractor bills! If it's been a good clear night, my back (and strangely my ribs) can suffer the next day. One more reason of the 6 SE! Oh, and now the 300 flextube. I came on here to decide between 2 scopes and now I have 3!
  6. Thanks Guys. I am definitely leaning towards the 200P EQ. This is so much easier when you're window shopping! When you actually have the cash, doubts and second guesses rear their heads! I was hooked on an upgrade after peering through a Skywatcher Explorer 300P DS NEQ6, (but the NEQ6 stretches it past my max!) So the 200P was the next best (largest on the EQ5) A big Dob would be great for my sight, but I'm used to (and like) the equatorial mount (now) and my previous (limited) experience with Dobsonian's in the past have left me a little frustrated while trying to track at reasonable magnifications! But thanks again for your input, all is very much appreciated. Tyro
  7. Good afternoon All. I have viewed this forum for many months and gleaned a huge amount of information from all you contributors. (It never ceases to amaze the quantity and quality of knowledge that’s available on here!) But finally I plucked up the courage and registered in order to ask the most common of questions, which scope? I have done a huge amount (the number of hours would scare & astound you!) of reading regarding pretty much all abilities and limitations of most instruments available to the humble amateur astronomer. So, I had decided on the Skywatcher Explorer 200P EQ5 GOTO. (I would prefer to spend the HEQ5 difference on extra ‘goodies’) My observing is solely that, I sit in transfixed amazement looking at the sky! I have no intentions or real interest in AP or any form of imaging. However, I’m still drawn to the Celestron NexStar 6SE due to it’s reduced physical size and ease of portability/storage. (Similar price bracket +/- £100) I am aware that they are in essence, completely different beasts, but I was hoping for practical, user experiences of both (for and against) to help me finally decide. As I said, both would be purely used for viewing and I prefer to spend my time looking rather than finding/tracking (hence the GOTO) Oh, and I am fortunate enough to live in a dark site. Very little LP. Thanks for all your views, opinions and advice. Tyro.
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