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  1. yeah i know pel just laugh because i am just a newbie. and i meant that. that's why i am asking because i need some help for the people who has the experience...there's nothing wrong about helping and telling whats right and whats wrong.
  2. does it fit to my 50az? if i buy vixen or gso 10mm and 15mm?will it fit?
  3. ok i will buy a new eyepiece VIXEN or GSO plossl with 10 and 15mm...i will try to buy that...how much for dobsonian?
  4. E621keith, i am just using Celestron 50az.
  5. yeah i know i used it because i don't have enough money to pay for the big telescope but i am dying to have that since i am an addicted to the planets. i just started of checking the planets and moon. what is the cheap telescope can see planets,nebulae? haiz..... i am so dissapointed with my telescope..i got a wrong item.
  6. yeah i already expected that...but i just wanna see Mars (THE COLOR OF IT) same as jupiter,venus,saturn and the star dusters. if its possible to see them with color..i will be grateful and i will ask you something about what i should buy filter for my 50az? so i can use NIKON D300s with separated stand?
  7. what if i have my own stand for my nikon?is that possible? and what else can take my scope? can i see the planets? and like what?
  8. hey guys...i was wondering if i could use NIKON D300s for my celestron 50az...is that possible to take a good shot?
  9. hahahah same....actually i didn't look at the sun at 12 in the afternoon...it was 6:30 when the sun is set... but i know the light is still strong thats why i use sunglasses..hahaha but it won't happen again ....
  10. i will check that out.....but where i can see the .956 size? is it in my telescope?
  11. can you give me those filter names and size or whatever so that i can buy it here for my 50az
  12. how do i use that adapter? can you give me what it looks like?
  13. hey SiriusB...what do you mean by that? and bro Kenmyers, how much is that in DIRHAMS...dubai money.
  14. oh sorry for that..but i use sunglasses to see the sun. anyways can you please tell me what filters shall i buy for my celestron 50az? please?
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