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  1. Coincidence, here come the conspiracy theories http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-21468116
  2. I reckon is the sky stays clear, the best method will be to use a wide angle lens and camp out between alioth and megrez, or any other star it's passing close by and just wait until you see a faint dot passing by
  3. What do you say we message the admins and get a thread pinned with everyone who is signed up so that a decent amounts of votes are gathered?
  4. Looks like you might have to spend a lot of time training - wish I could sign up but I fear I would never end up with a decent job
  5. Ok, I'm guessing there are people in this forum going to enter this contest. Odds will be pretty low, but worth a shot https://www.lynxapollo.com/en_GB/ Since you have to get votes, anyone who enters could have the backing of the forum
  6. No way - sky at night won't be the same
  7. You know your an astronomer when no-one can be bothered listening to you.
  8. Given the clouds I think the only thing I will be observing in autumn is fireworks (which indecently are as good as astronomy, expensive though). Hoping to view the Triangulum galaxy when it appears over the top of the house in the next month.
  9. It's now saying the next launch window is on sunday
  10. Good luck to him, though i'm doubtful he will survive
  11. Damn. I've been watching it live all day!
  12. I'm watching, even if there is a high chance of watching a live death!
  13. Downloaded amcap but also with a seemingly invincible virus
  14. Anyone know of any free software for capturing uncompressed webcam footage, it seems registax doesn't like compressed footage (annoying when you have lots of footage of the moon you can't use). Finding it hard to come across any that records uncompressed footage!
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