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  1. Never mind , we all slip up from time to time ;-)
  2. I don't think it is a scam , someone has allready got theirs delivered , & also I paid through PayPal so there's no real risk. They also have the 2.5. http://www.fredericksphoto.com/category_s/84.htm?searching=Y&sort=13&cat=84&show=10&page=5
  3. The Pentax xo-5 is still available to buy new , I placed my order for one yesterday.
  4. I was thinking of doing it for mine , all I would need to do is drill a 14 mm hole in the middle of the platforms top board & add 3 Teflon pads. It would lower the eyepiece height by nearly 2 inches which would make it just about perfect, but you can't store the scope like this as the instructions say that you shouldn't store it with a scope on or even with the top of the platform board on because it may cause a flat spot on the rubber on the shaft , but it wouldn't be a big deal to set it up for each session.
  5. Hello , thanks for doing this , I've downloaded it , I noticed there is a galaxy in Hercules that isn't in the list.
  6. No john I didn't put a baffle ring inside the scope , I just use a 120 mm noise blocker fan on the back , I have means to slow the fan down by altering the voltage but I don't really need to slow it as its got zero vibrations , I just leave it running at full speed.
  7. Here's the discs , I'm gonna make some more using 1/2 "ply & 1/4 " ply so I can have more control with levelling One thing I should mention is that I used to get nice sharp images with nice Cassini division but a bland whitish planet with hints of bands , but I made and installed a sealed baffle system with a nice vibration free fan , and now I get multiple bands with subtle colour and all the extra detail , it was well worth the effort.
  8. Yes moonshane , that's exactly what I did and I also put an ebony star ring & virgin Teflon pads on and it's smooth as silk to move , I also ebony stared the alt bearing and made some Teflon trunions to replace the nylon ones , but I then remade them with Teflon with 30% glass fibre as the pure Teflon ones were to good (slick). @ john , ah yes the darker polar cap , that was what I was trying to say but couldn't think of a word to describe it , ( I put detail in the polar region cause I didn't know if it was called a cap because its all gas lol). I did set it up the night after I got it ,
  9. I just tried mine out tonight and the seeing was pretty good for a change , I was also looking at Saturn at about 200 x and it was AWSOME , I was seeing 3 bands , a super sharp Cassini division , the rings on the outer edge after the Cassini division were a bit darker and I also got quite a few glimpses of detail in the polar region , I then took it to 300 times and it was nice the super sharp views were there but not for as long durations but still very nice , the platform performed flawlessly and it's a pleasure to just sit there without all the nudging every few seconds. It's a very nice wa
  10. Yes that sounds a good idea john let's us know how it works out , did you get instructions with yours?
  11. I was tempted to get the ts one but it didn't like the look of the motor sticking out( judging by the pictures on their website) , it looked like it could easily be stood on and get broken or bending of the shaft , I went for the watch house in the end as the motor is tucked away underneath , also the platform looks more substantial & of better quality although a bit more expensive. Here's the watch house motor
  12. Very nice john, I'm not sure but it you adjust the feet it may alter the latitude adjustment presuming it is set for your exact lat in the first place , I should get mine tomorrow and I'll check the instructions to see if this is the case.
  13. Hello john , did you get it ? Have you used it ? I should get mine in a couple of days , let us know how you get on with yours
  14. I allways put mine in the dishwasher, but beware don't ever put your eyepieces in the tumble drier to dry them , I did that once and my 21 mm ethos shrunk , it's now the size of a 21 mm plossl. ;-)
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