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  1. I dropped my Canon EOS 40D right on the lense once and I know what a terrible feeling that was... so with a camera and a scope I really feel bad for you. Hope you can get back up and imaging soon.
  2. I think that the image stabilization on a DSLR lens is more suited to rapid camera movements. I'm not sure it would react with such a relatively slow movement of your scope. Just a thought...
  3. Hoping everything goes well and you are back to star gazing in no time...
  4. That was one of the first stupid things (probably not the last unfortunately) I did. I panicked thinking there was something wrong with the $135.00 EP I had just received. Glad to find out that that was all it was.
  5. When I bought my scope (used) a battery had leaked. Fortunately the contact was not badly damaged and was easily fixed. I now use a power tank and don't even put batteries in the scope. In case it ever becomes necessary to run the scope without the power tank, I took a small project case with the correct amount of AA batteries in it and attached a cord with the correct connector on it to be able to plug it directly into the scope. I also found that the AA batteries didn't seem to fit well into the scope's battery compartment.
  6. I don't know what the power connection is that you would use to connect to your power tank, but when I made my own tank I used a "Battery Tender Plus". http://www.amazon.com/Battery-Tender-021-0128-Plus-Charger/dp/B00068XCQU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1346891936&sr=8-1&keywords=battery+tender+plus This charger works well (actually it's from my motorcycle) It costs in the range of $45 USD. Here is a picture of my tank. although I have added 2 more 7 ah batteries since this picture. http://gordongreene.com/photogallery/displayimage.php?album=77&pid=3060#top_display_media Good luck
  7. My Brother has a T-Shirt that says: "Normal People Scare Me"
  8. How many people have the legacy of having their footsteps on the Moon for the next what... billion years or so... that's pretty cool.
  9. Here in the States, I've been able to enjoy Saturn this Summer. Jupiter is just making it's come back. I also didn't get to see the Orion nebula last time it was visible. I had just gotten my scope as it left the sky, besides the fact that I didn't know what I was doing. I'm also getting excited about seeing the Andromeda Galaxy for the first time.
  10. Saturn, which was the very first celestial object I ever saw through a telescope (my brother's 6" in the early 70's) and Jupiter, which was first light (other than the alignment stars) through my scope. Definitely my 2 favs.
  11. I agree with you that it's easier than lugging a larger power tank around. I did the same thing with non rechargeables and found that it ate them way too fast. I guess my decision to make a power tank with larger batteries and not rechargeable AA was because I was looking to the future when I might have a dew heater or a much bigger mount. Also I really like making that sort of stuff.
  12. Faulksy, Nice power tank. I like the small trays in the top for storing bits of kit. 4 batteries is nice too. I ordered 2 more, so now I'll have 3. I'll have to see if that will suffice when I build/get a dew heater. I spent my career as an electrician and am curious about the wiring of your tank. Looks like you have a relay installed. Is it's purpose to disconnect the batteries from the cigarette lighter ? I just fused my batteries to protect against a short circuit. I would be interested to know how yours is wired. (always curious) Your voltage meter look just like the one I ordered. Nice job... I'm sure it will give you many nights of worry free operation. Now I can just wish you clear skies...
  13. Faulksy, I already took your lead and bought a voltage meter to add to my power tank... It already shipped. I also bought 2 more 7.2 ah batteries to add for more capacity. Thanks for the great idea.
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