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  1. Jim 41! You spritely youth -- I left it till 61 , now need to live to a ripe old age to see everything I need to.
  2. Well I've seen stuff "up there" at last. The moon ! WOW .SATURN --rings and all . Getting sucked in------- looking at EP's on ebay wondrin bout filters including Solar. Made a box for transport , taken scope to wales(no sky for 4 nights!) mebbe something smaller for travels--- money money money money. Awaiting first Messier. getting familiar with scope and now know other constellations than Ursa major -- see using proper name --- and individual star names Vega, arcturus, even sulafat and sheliak! Having to familiarise way round this site too---- not sure where to post random stuff like this.
  3. well you were SO right!I'm probly to blame for the worst spring skies in living memory.
  4. Hey, Thanks for advice --I'm getting there tho wife seems to think that garden needs more urgent devotion. Any way right now I have two plastic knobs and three shafts -brassy looking bits that all look like they should take a knob . Will check out youtube.
  5. SORRY that should have been--"why I couldn'tfit it" OH just seen the edit button! Brilliant!
  6. WOW Gottit at last! am now setting up in kitchen- cloudy out!- instructions not brilliant and illustration doesn't actually show EQ5 but its mostly obvious tho it took me a while to figure that the long mount bar was already on the OTA so that's why I couldn't fit it to the mount with the short one on it !! DUH! Got a few tools supplied that I havent used yet and puzzling over eyepiece bits and bobs-- assuming there's options for diff diameter eyepieces, reckon I need a cigarette and a break but nearly there and pray for clear sky for collimation , polar alignment and what ever else before I can actually look through it! Love peace + understanding! Probably back for help V. soon!
  7. Ahh gottit yup signed and must agree with some other posts can we publicise this and or improve terms of petition mebbe link to environmental groups I dunno-- I would have a go but I haven't even got the hang of where to find stuff or post appropriately here yet! Pretty much of an IT stumbler!
  8. Well thanks again, for the warm welcome and for pointing me to my post! I'll get used to this soon. Sorry bout putting mockers on the weather!
  9. I thought I'd posted this Yesterday , to say thanks to all those who helped me make a decision on 1st scope -- went for SW exploerer on eq5 which ,having gone through SGL as a guest for some weeks seemed to be the best buy for the amount I had to spend. Now just the wait till delivery!!" bu thought I could I could legitimately join upnow! Probly be seeking a lot more helpin future and mebbe be able to return the favour one day . So thankls again SGL without you I still confusedly dithering.
  10. Just wanted to say thanks to all stargazers who have helped me choose a first telescope @ 61 years of age after much advice garnered from these pages I finally settled on the SW explorer 200p on EQ5. Seemed to be the best option for the amount I had to spend. I'm now eagerly awaiting delivery and looking forward to many nights of confusion frustration and a little wonder? Also probably many more questions!
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