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  1. Hi Alan, We regularly have thirty or more members turn up to our monthly society meetings, I doubt that we would have even had half that number twenty five years ago (if the society had been running then), I put that increase in participation of the hobby down largely to the instant gratification of digital methods. I remember the excitement I felt at 12 years old when I swung a pair of binoculars towards M31 for the fist time and there will always be the diehards who like peering at faint smudges but they will be a diminishing minority. Pete.
  2. Great ideas, thanks. I shall have to look up some of those suggestions, what is the point of a 'scope array and is lucky DSO imaging a bit like processing video of solar system objects? The list so far: Remote imaging sharing time on commercially launched mini-satellites carrying "Mini-Hubble" scopes. Collaborative imaging and data analysis. Incremental improvements to mounts, optics & cameras with reduction in cost. Telescope arrays. Advances in software and processing algorithms. Higher order adaptive optics. Lucky imaging of DSO. Read noise, download times, CPU power & software improvements. Curved sensors or perhaps sensors permanently integrated within scopes. Cheers, Pete.
  3. Hi All, Apologies if this topic has already been discussed. I have to give a talk to my local astro soc next week (21st Nov 2018) called "Astrophotography Old & New". I don't know why me because I only go out occasionally with my HEQ5/200P/Canon450D and there are far more accomplished imaging folk in the group than me. For "Old" I am going to go right back to the nineteenth century and talk about the early photography/astrophotography pioneers and for "New" I have some topics on the digital revolution that started in the early 1990s for us amateurs. To finish up my talk it has been suggested that I try and say a little about where amateur astrophotography is going in terms of what kind of new technology we might be using in a few years time. I am at a loss as to what I could put in my last couple of slides so maybe you all could come up with some suggestions. Are we going to see cheaper CMOS sensors overtaking CCDs maybe? Will automatic polar alignment happen (if it hasn't already)? Will remote imaging become more popular? Any suggestions gratefully received. Thanks, Pete.
  4. Are you still looking for one of these? If so, I have one in good condition willing to sell for £50 plus postage. Pete.
  5. Looks like the Astromart item has sold. This is what I have for sale:
  6. Peter_A

    Pete_A's AP

    Pete_A's astrophotography
  7. Hi 25585, Greetings from South Somerset and welcome. The number of nights out has certainly gone up for me since I retired. Pete.
  8. Hi Mark, I have a Vixen MD-6 Quartz Driver and motor for sale, it is the same as this: https://www.astromart.com/classifieds/details.asp?classified_id=870261 Are you interested? Pete.
  9. Fabulous images. I just watched the show through my 200P and took some avi with my mono QHY5. I will see what I can make of it in the morning. Pete.
  10. William, I will have a go at the drivers, that is one of the major differences between installing the unlicenced copy of XP and the one that came with my laptop. The laptop recovery process installs XP and all the drivers automatically whereas the other method requires installing all the drivers individually. If I have any success I'll post about it. btw my laptop (ASUS W5A) does have a built in web cam, DVD drive and sound. Pete.
  11. I uninstalled the drivers and ran ccleaner William, still no joy, I even treated this undeserving laptop to a RAM upgrade. I think I'm wasting my time and yours. Maybe I'll try my other laptop. I wanted to use this one because it is smaller and I believe draws less juice from my remote site batteries. Thanks for your help, you have given me some tips which I will no doubt use in the future when I have other problems. Pete.
  12. Kev, Thanks for your message, that is the installation procedure I am following and my problems happen at stage 5. William, I havn't had time to try the reg cleaner yet, I will as soon as I can. Re. the unlicensed copy of windows, it is XP Pro but a slightly different build compared to the XP Pro that was supplied with my laptop and the licence number stuck to the bottom of my laptop is incompatible with it. I appreciate all the help offered in this thread, thanks. Pete.
  13. William, thanks again, I'll try your latest suggestions. I didn't load any motherboard drivers because I used the recovery disks that were supplied with my laptop, there are two CDs with Windows XP files on them and a CD with all the drivers, the whole recovery process is automatic including loading drivers. I have been loading the QHY driver update but don't know whether I need WDM driver, I didn't have that loaded last season when things were working okay. btw I checked that I was logged in with admin rights. I have a confession to make as well, I have managed to occasionally load the drivers successfully using an unlicensed copy of Windows XP Pro on my laptop but I really want to use the licensed copy that was supplied with the laptop and that is what I am having trouble with. Pete.
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