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  1. I'm trying to do some afocal astrophotography with a 130P skywatcher, I just want to do planets the the moon for now and maybe the odd constellation, no DSO's.

    I'm going to be using my Iphone with a clamp, I know thats not going to be great quality, but putting together a journal of what I see on an ipad so it makes life nice and easy to use the phone and keeps the cost down.

    I have 10mm/25mm eyepieces that came with the scope, a 2x TAL barlow and a BST explorer 8mm. The BST is to fat at the eye-end to use the clamp with.

    What I'd like is a good eyepiece for planets that will work well for afocal photography, and is thin so the clamp fits on it.

    Any suggestions, or just tips on what to look for (eye relief, field of view, etc) much appreciated.

  2. Hello,

    I'm looking for a bit of advice on eyepieces for the skywatcher 130p.

    Focal length 650mm

    Aperture 130mm

    I have the supplied 10mm and 25mm lenses.

    I'm wanting to look at planets and the moon mostly, and maybe take some (very) simple pictures.

    I ordered a 2x TAL barlow lens, but I want to get a higher quality eyepiece to go with it since the ones supplied don't fill me with confidence.

    I was think of going for a Meade 4000 Series 9.7mm Super Plossl, but then when I was doing the maths it looks like I might be better going for the 6.4mm to use with the barlow for my highest magnification setup? that'd take me to about 200x of the scopes max 260x.

    Any suggestions, 6mm, 10mm or somewhere inbetween and other makes/models for around £30-50 I should be looking at?

    Thanks ;)

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