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  1. I've just purchased a small jennie so I can do some If there allowed of course
  2. Cheers chaps not a dust bunny its a clanger
  3. Taken through OMC140 with Canon 350D 30 secs at iso 100 Hope its up to your usual standards Ian
  4. Just been checking through some pictures from the other night and found this. Liked this even though its to check my focus before taking any images. Beatleguese 1600asa 20secs exp 350D Vixen ED102SS Hope you like it as much? <img src=http://iseestars.net/image/7521/large/image.jpg alt=ISEE STARS Image>
  5. Thanks fella's afraid stacking is not my strong point yet keep trying to get my head round it, but it keeps beatting me. I shall have to take some more at the weekend if its clear and give it try. Ian
  6. Was having a play around with a 2" barlow I purchased!! Found that focusing it was abugger, even using an hartman mask. Anyway had a go at M42 in closeup Usual camera 350D 61secs at 1600iso Quite happy with this one. As always all coments welcome. <img src=http://iseestars.net/image/7482/large/image.jpg alt=ISEE STARS Image>
  7. Yea CC used the Baader Neodymium Moon & Skyglow Filter I dont think it removes a lot though, still needs processing in PS levels
  8. YES Tom its got to last me a while?? well hopefully it will last Ian
  9. Had an hour tonight took a few but no time to process did a quick one on the Owl I took Vixen ED102SS Canon 350D 31secs exp 1600asa Any and all coments welcome Ian <img src=http://iseestars.net/image/7457/large/image.jpg alt=ISEE STARS Image>
  10. Been away for a while, but now back and busy. This is my setup as used most times. Vixen ED102SS Antares Sentinel 80mm EQ6 PRO Dew bands for both scopes Toucam mod 1.5 used for guiding ( thats aother story) Compaq M300 Laptop I believe this is going to last me a while?? this time. Ian <img src=http://iseestars.net/image/7459/large/image.jpg alt=ISEE STARS Image> <img src=http://iseestars.net/image/7458/large/image.jpg alt=ISEE STARS Image>
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