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  1. :wave: hello Iain and a big welcome to SGL and from me Phil
  2. amigaman

    Hi from Devon

    :wave: And a big welcome from me Phil
  3. :wave: Hi Wayne You will find we are a friendly bunch on SGL and a great resource in the future! Phil...
  4. Ok, Steve, I'll bow to your greater experience. Thanks again
  5. Thanks for the tip Steve, can I ask what the Fastar thing is all about? I thought that was needed in astrophotography. As you can see, I've been on a steep learning curve over the past month or so and although I'm a million miles away from understanding a lot of even the basics, I'm keen to make the best use of my new scope. Not just for now, but in the future. Thanks Phil
  6. Thanks again Steve. It's certainly a very impressive set up (looks like the Borg have assimilated it!) Certainly astrophotograpy is for the future, I was just intrigued as to the equipment you were using. An easier question: how useful is the NS8 for astrophotography? I was more under the impression that a reflector set-up would have been a more appropriate set-up, even though I'm more than aware of the impressive performance of the NS8.
  7. Thanks everyone. Steve, can you explain what you have got going on with your scope? I presume you are doing some sort of astro imaging, something I might be interested in in the future. Any reccomendations on getting the most out of my new scope? Thanks. Phil
  8. :wave: Hi and welcome to sgl Lots of good helpful and friendly advice here. i have only had my telescope for the past couple of days and am just waiting for a few clear nights to enjoy the night sky.
  9. Thank you Helen, your hands on experience was great in helping me make my decision. From the feedback I've had from this site I'm sure me and my daughters will enjoy using the scope as much as you.
  10. Thanks Geoff, I realised you aren't too far away. What scope do you own? I might be down to have a look!
  11. Thanks the replys on this site always a great help always points me in the right direction thanks guys and girls
  12. Thanks Astro_Baby always good to hear from you, always sound advice on not only astronomy, but i know when i need a handbag to keep my lenses in, you won't let me down.
  13. sorry just to say my name is phil from wolverhampton now have a telescope and feel like im part of sgl
  14. Just took delivery of my NexStar8 GPS telescope and am now hearing astro_baby's words ringing in my ears about the extra equipment. As I understand it, I'll need a dew strap, a dew cover (do they come heated?), and power supply. Anybody got any tips on what to buy or not to buy? I've also been looking at Sky at Night magazine, which recommends the Teleview Ethos eyepeice. Has anybody had any experience with this eyepiece and will it be good match for my scope?
  15. Just to say hi and thanks to all the people who took time out to give their thoughts on a good choice for a telescope for a newbie. All feedback was very useful and all have been taken on board but my decision for those still interested was martinb's suggestion of the NS8 GPS. It arrived this morning but without three mounting bolts! I have been assured though they will be sent out ASAP. I'll just mention that I have just returned from holiday on the Isle of Wight, armed with a pair of binoculars.Unfortunatley the caravan park I was staying in had pretty good lighting but I eventually managed to find a dark corner to take in the stars. After a few minutes I heard a voice from the caravan I was standing next to say, "Hey, there's a strange man outside with a pair of binoculars." I quickly exited before I got a bad rep. I never thought stargazing would be so embarassing. Still,it was a great holiday and spent the next nights by my caravan to save my blushes. :oops: I've got some more questions, but I'll post those in the appropriate section. Anybody who can help, thanks in advance.
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