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  1. Did an a couple of hours 'watches', the best being 01:31 to 02:31, where between 2 of us observing we saw 71. Brightest one of the night for us was at approx 01:16 going towards Ursa major. Mark
  2. I have no problems with the QR shoe fitting to my C100 - it seems to fit ok. Like you I have the same problem of the finder being too easy to be knocked out of collimation, in fact I really hate the fact that it's only a 2 screw one.... give me a 6 screw finder scope holder anyday! Mark
  3. Hi all, I have the Celestron C100 refractor and I cant fault the optics but I can't stand the finderscope bracket.... in my opinion it's rubbish! I find it too easy to knock the finder out alignment, just 2 screws to secure the finder doesn't cut it. Anyway, I want to get a new bracket and ring set which uses the more sensible 6 screws to secure the finder..... any suggestions? Cheers, Mark
  4. Brian, Was that in solely in alt-az mode? As for the LX200 - far too expensive for me! Cheers, Mark
  5. Thanks for the replies and there's some food for thought there. I will get the wedge somewhen in the future when the funds allow, as for autoguiding and a focal reducer then I'll take these into consideration then splash out as and when the money is available. It'll probably take a year or to acquire all the bits n bobs but I'll get there in the end. Cheers, Mark
  6. Hi all, I've decided to have a go at AP, I have a half decent scope in the Meade LX-90, I have a choice of DSLR - between a EOS300D and a 40D, I also have a netbook should I need it. I need to get the necessary adaptors between the DSLR and the scope but that shouldn't be a problem. I will get a equatorial wedge for use with the scope when funds allow but in the meantime I'll have to stick with alt-az mode. My basic understanding is that because of field rotation, the exposure times I use won't be able to be that long. What I'm wondering is how long exposures could I get away until field rotation becomes evident? As you can probably guess, I'm a total beginner when it comes to AP so I'm on the bottom of a rather big learning curve. Thanks, Mark
  7. That should do the job it says it can charge up to 140Ah so well within its limit. I used to use a 110Ah leisure battery for another hobby and to be honest they're more difficult and heavier to move around compared to a 85Ah battery. Just make sure you don't completely run the battery down because they can be a pig to charge up again. Mark
  8. A good nights observing was had there and as Russ says a definite success. A good range of observing equipment was there for everyone to use and look through. After the initial alignment problems I had, the Lx90 performed flawlessly for the rest of the night. In fact that was my first 'proper' observing session in a long time. Quite a few highlights including Saturn, the Leo trio of galaxies(fantastic in the same field of view), M104 - the Sombrero Galaxy(nice to see the dust lane), M3 and M13 - these globulars are well worth returning to - which I did a couple of times! Plenty of objects seen and here's a list of objects seen but it is in no way complete: Messiers - 3,5,10,12,13,27,29,34,35,36,37,38,39,44,51,52,56,57,64,65,66,67,68, 71,76,81,82,95,96,97,101,103,104.105.107, 108. NGC's 3115,2392, 5195. Saturn, Mars, Venus, The Moon plus various satellites and meteors. I wish I had a UHC or OIII filter to study the nebulas a bit more - but there's always next time. Mark
  9. Thanks for the reply John, I've seen the Celestron 100ED-R Apo with a CG5 mount for £475 and looking at the specs, it has the same glass as the Equinox som optical performance visually should be more or less the same. I may end up going with that instead because it seems good value for money and it won't take me as long to save up for the HEQ-5 and maybe buy a new focuser if the one with it isn't brilliant. The FLT-98 looks a very nice scope though its a bit out of my price range! Mark
  10. Thanks for the reply, I've also looked at the Evostar pro which looking at the specs are lighter than the respective Equinox models. Still I've plenty of time to decide what to get... Mark
  11. Hi folks, I'm looking at getting a SkyWatcher Equinox refractor to take out on the green opposite my flat. I'm probably going to get the 100mm though the budget may stretch to a 120. Either way, I'll only be able to afford a fairly cheap mount until I have the pennies for a HEQ-5(or possibly a EQ6). I was thinking of getting a Alt-az mount just to bridge the gap until I get the HEQ-5. Any suggestions on what would be able to handle the scope? Thanks, Mark
  12. Hi all, Just looked at the lidl specials on their website from Monday 15 december and they're selling the Bresser 10x50 binos for £12.70. Very good value for the money in my opinion. You may have to check that if they are on offer in your area because I think that the specials vary from region to region. Mark
  13. As others have mentioned, whilst you are deciding on what telescope to get, buy binoculars to get you started. Not only will it give you more time to decide what scope is for you, it will also help you with getting that skill of star hopping when seeking out those faint fuzzies. Mark
  14. Ant, Yes you can see them on the South Coast - i saw it 3-4 times last year, including at home in Eastleigh. Earlier this week I saw a nice display of NLC from Southampton Town Quay. I'll dig some pictures out from last year when I was at Farley Mount. Mark
  15. Hi all, I'm Mark from Eastleigh in Hampshire and came across this site a couple of days back, so thought I'd register and join in. Looking at the SCS astro website they have the 4 and 5mm planetary eyepiece still available. Has anyone tried one of these through a 8" LX90? I know its pushing it in respect to the magnification 'rule of thumb' so I may yet consider something in the region of 7-8mm. Thanks, Mark
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