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  1. Woohoo! That makes maybe three Wirral peeps now. We should start a gang.
  2. Took the scope on holiday up to Allendale in Northumberland last week and spent a pleasant night on the 30th/31st watching Jupiter. After messing around in Registax for a while I ended up with this: Could do better obviously, but I'm reasonably pleased for a first attempt. For good measure, here's an obligatory through the eyepiece phone shot
  3. dav1d


    From the album: Astro stuff!

    Jupiter - August 31st. Taken through a Heritage 130p with a Jellybeaned Desire HD
  4. dav1d


    From the album: Astro stuff!

    Jupiter August 31st
  5. To be fair, SnS were out of stock for the freebie when I ordered & they did say they'd send it when it came back in. Kudos to them for actually remembering after all this time
  6. Five months after buying my scope from them, the free 2x Barlow finally showed up this morning. I'd forgotten all about it. Chuffed.
  7. As I have a teeny tiny Heritage 130, I keep it collapsed in the corner of my kitchen, by the door. 's great
  8. If objects are blurred & you can't achieve focus no matter what, then you probably have collimation issues.
  9. Thurstaston. Clifftop location, looking over to Wales and the Irish sea - very child friendly & has a play area & wooded areas for them to explore. Some of the pitches are off limits to caravans now in case they fall into the sea, but I reckon the wardens would let you set up a scope there if you asked nicely. edit: forgot to mention that it's a Caravan Club site, so you'd have to be a member. Here's the website
  10. Ah well...It's when you strap your Android phone to your scope with an app called SkEye in indirect mode. You line it up on a couple of stars so the app knows where it is, & then it'll tell you in which direction to push the scope to find any other objects. The only thing is, when it's too close to the metal part of the OTA, it gives a 'strange magnetic field' warning, so it needs to be a few inches out on some kind of packing material. It's not perfect, but it's OK.
  11. There's a short video on youtube of , which I took in March with the Heritage 130p and from which I used Registax to produce this image.For the entire moon to pass through the scope webcam's field of view takes about two minutes & yes, registax can handle that whole thing with minimum guidance. I have been using a 'Trust' branded generic CMOs cam for £7 from B&M, which was OK. I'm now using the Quickcam Pro 4000, which is better in almost every way, but I have found it is very unforgiving when focussing. There are some odds and ends in my gallery if you want to see what sort of im
  12. Hi from Wallasey, Bish.
  13. dav1d


    Have you tried turning it off and turning it on again?
  14. So, I uploaded a decent, but slightly jerky video of the moon to youtube. Nothing too bad but the wind was knocking the scope a bit. There's a tool called "stabilisation" which I hadn't seen before, so I gave it a go and it turned the vid . It's like magic.I'm considering digging out some of my Saturn webcam videos from March, which were too shaky for Registax to handle, uploading them to the tube, and then downloading them and plugging them back into Registax for processing. Fantastic tool!
  15. Jumping in rather predicably, to second (third / fourth) the Heritage 130p. Loads benefits, such as portability, quality, things to see. Only minor downer is the focuser, which TBH can be a pain. There are a few sunspot pics & Saturn in my gallery to show what sort of thing to expect if you get into webcam imaging. Good luck
  16. Yup. Just been out observing and imaging Jupiter. Too small to make out details through the EP & preliminary vids suggest that the saturation was way too high. Beautifully clear night though - Jupiter & venus over Liverpool in the pre-dawn, even unmagnified, were spectacular.
  17. I keep records by photographing anything interesting & then printing out the best of them. That's not what you meant, is it?
  18. I follow: Space.com, Eyeskies & EarthSky They make pretty pictures appear on my wall
  19. Thanks guys. A great deal of stuff to look at there. No doubt I'll be back on once it's underway
  20. I'm buying a single 6" mirror blank in a few days, from which I intend to fashion a primary which will form the core of a f10 /f11 reflector. I've read around and have come up with an incomplete picture of what I need to know/have/do. What I know : I need a tool (made of cement with tiles embedded) and a sturdy table or barrel on which to work. I need to make strokes towards the centre and rotate regularly. Polishing is involved. What I don't know: How to measure the curve of the mirror How to grind in a way which will result in a particular F ratio. Everything else. I have a fair amount of f
  21. I give up. What's wrong with it?
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