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  1. I used the wrappers off the strawberry creams from a tin of Quality Street
  2. Ah! My bad! I read somewhere about the red light and assumed it applied to the EQ3 too! How daft am I? But thanks for all the replies and I'll defo be looking in the DIY section. Thanks again!
  3. Took my scope out last night to a nice dark sight but had terrible trouble getting polar aligned due to there being no red light in my reticle. I have a fairly new EQ3 mount. Is there something I'm doing wrong or a way to switch it on? I was using a power pack for power so no issues there! To compensate I held a red flashlight above and got it fairly close but it was still off a bit. Also, even though it was a really dark place, no street light etc and just two passing cars. I couldn't get good night vision. Is it because I wear glasses, but every time I looked into the scope things seemed a
  4. Half it. You can see the light that's bounced back too!
  5. You got your excuse for a bigger scope though
  6. First, go to THIS site and convert your age to decimal. Then go to Atlas of the Universe and find a number in column 10 as close to your age as possible. The light that left the sun on the year (month, week, day, however close you can get) is just arriving at that star! My star was Capella, or really two giant stars plus two red dwarfs 0.41ly away! Now you can go find the star that is receiving the light from our Sun at the time you were born! (found this on my web travels )
  7. I'm over the moon (quite literally) with my Heritage 130P, the price, portability and quality are great for a starter scope. The kid can take it camping, sleepovers etc.
  8. I may try this tonight. I was going to take the scope out, but something's come up, so this may be a good idea for practice! Thanks a lot!!
  9. Ah, I think I've found my mistake! I had Polaris bang on center of the crosshairs in my polarscope. I'll have to try your method, I use the gps gizmo too which helps. It's slowly making sense now. But it was still good enough for observing, but hopefully now I'll get it bang on for AP too! Thanks!
  10. Your asking the wrong guy, I have a eq3 which I've yet to use for AP (this winter), so not experienced enough sorry.
  11. Thats great. Thanks Qualia, I'll be reading up on that in work....providing I find the time
  12. I came across this, and as I was always looking for a step by step guide to PA, I assume that someone else will be too. Hope it helps http://stevebb.com/polar_alignment.html
  13. I can't help sorry, but what I can say is, that before buying my mount and scope I must have read every review I could find and watched every YouTube video on setup etc. Now I'm not saying you haven't, but just in case I thought I'd bring it to your attention because you can learn a lot of good and bad from the reviews. Hopefully you'll find something on YT as the manufacturer usually stick some on there. Good luck!
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