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  1. Thanks for all your replies & advice, it is most appreciated and confirms my thoughts. Its not a lot of money £140-150 but it it enough to not want to lose it for either party. I thought my friend (he has a nervous disposition) hence why i am posting, had been more than fair but just wanted to check that i was not in cloud cuckoo land. I agree with john and think 14 days return sounds the way to go although i will be opening it when it gets back to check the board over just in case its messed with as i am a little worried as to why he will not return the item before he gets a refund. the paypal gift button is very good but i have just realized that it could also be abused by a less than scrupulous seller, I think i will be wary myself in future unless i know the seller or know of him as you could end up loosing quite a large amount of money if you are not careful I think it could be buyer beware & also seller beware because you never know whos who either. Although I am pleased to say that most people i have dealt with have been nice honest courteous people in this hobby and long may it remain that way steve
  2. A friend of mine recently sold a atik filter wheel on astro buy sell the wheel was in full working order with no problems whatsoever & was paid via the paypal gift function. He sold the wheel with no problems at all until he got an email saying it had no drivers. My friend then sent the link to the drivers on the atik site to him and thought no more of it. It now seems the wheel no longer works (strange that) several emails later and he is now being threatened by the buyer with all sorts of actions etc etc in a non too polite manner! my friend has explained that he will be out of the country for 2 months within a day or so, and has asked him to post the wheel back to me and i can refund him the money on his behalf but the buyer is not happy with this and wants a full refund before he sends the goods back. He has been nothing but abusive and rude as well as call the sellers integrity into question. I have now found out who the buyer is and his reputation on forums is not the best to say the very least & i would have advised him not to sell to this individual had i known beforehand. Not that i have any bad feelings against him myself. its just i am long enough in the tooth to know him from UKAI as well as SGL. where does the seller stand in circumstances like this ? he has agreed to refund upon receipt of the goods back even though there is nothing wrong with them but the buyer is less than happy with this? is the seller quite within his rights to tell the buyer politely to go away unless he sends the item back for a refund the buyer has all my personal details to send the item back including my work address personal email address etc etc so no form of fraud or underhandedness was taking place The buyer is getting more and more abusive with every email and is now threatening to get card companies involved and asking for home address's cheers for any advice Mods if this post is against any rules or could be misconstrued in anyway please remove at your discretion as i would not want to upset, i am simply after advice as the best way to deal with this for a close friend
  3. If you come over to our pitch you will most likely get assimilated
  4. thanks for that martin, i will have a play with binning pete I have attached a pictured from the atik 4000 taken during last summer just to show how versatile the chip is even at this short focal length Borg 60ED 4x 30min subs f3.8 @224mm focal length baader 1.25mm 7nm ha filter, you will get some vignetting but nothing flats wont sort
  5. I have both sensors all be it in different cameras FLI 8300 Atik 4000 although the 8300 chip is more sensitive in the ha region it does have limitations due to its small pixel size. These are great on my borg's where i am imaging at 400mm & 198mm but not so good on my vc200L where i image at 1280mm & 1800mm. i have used the 8300 with the vc200L @ 1280mm but only on very steady nights as the sub arc sec guiding can be tough & to get it any where near easy you have to bin it quite aggressively to sum it up i love the 8300 chip and its great value for money & use this for narrowband work but i find the 4022 chip more versatile on many focal lengths due to its pixel size, it's greater well depth can be more useful on faint items as well as its a cracking lrgb chip that's none too shabby at ha either. hth
  6. I have just checked and we are at pitch 316 on the red field so look forward to meeting some fellow members Your right Daz it is a shame that they clash but the moon tends to win out on these things, unless you have a 4 season winter sleeping bag that is
  7. Me, moocher, Eddie & david61 will be in the red field by millionaires row this spring and i can't remember which field in the autumn but its the one way over the back that had the toilet block light problems last year. If they have that sorted it should be a great pitch with very low horizons all around look forward to meeting some of the sgl members there, it seems strange to me to have another star party the same week as another major star party, as we have to few in this country already and i would have liked to attended both tbh
  8. Cables, Leads and Controllers - HitecAstro EQDIR adapter This may do the trick
  9. ben ask alan as he is using mine on another note can you pm me your email address for paypal as i have some dosh to send you mate
  10. will a low profile focuser not give you enough infocus ? if my memory serves me well the stock focuser is quite a tall beast and i think this will give you a lot more in focus & save you having to move the mirror
  11. try John at astrodevelopments as i am sure he can make a set up for you if that is what it ends up being
  12. Looks good to me Mine arrives next week! David from hitec astro is making me a special with a built in 5 port usb hub and eq mod so i can put the hub on the top of my setup and then all i have is 1x power cable & 1x usb. All being well this should sort out my cable jungle. I will post some pictures when i get it set up as i think its defiantly the way forward steve
  13. I like new technology and although it can have teething problems these are sorted within the 1st few consumer glitches. To this effect, I took a risk in September and sold my much loved ap1200, even though it was by far and away the best mount i have ever owned, it is still based on old technology, albeit very robust well machined old technology I have replaced my ap with a chronos hd 32 which should arrive sometime in march and i am quite looking forward to being a guinea pig for new technology , although i must admit its a big leap going from a proven Thoroughbred to the new fastest colt on the block. Out of interest what is the difference between direct drives & harmonic drives ?
  14. william optics 90mm rings are £45 from here, and they are proper ones as i have had a pair from them William Optics 90mm Tube Rings: Best Deals On Astronomical Telescopes, Eyepieces and Accessories - Skywatcher, Meade, William Optics, Bosma, Bresser, Celestron, Helios At Ace Cameras - Canon, Leica, Swarovski, Bushnell, Nikon, Avian & All Top Brands
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