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  1. Hi Steve, I believe you did,lol. I like The Shed. Andy
  2. Lol, now,now Keith, don't put any ideas in my head! Lol. Andy
  3. Hi Gray, Just saw your images mate, you're right, looks very similar to mine. I ask to see some images on the Astro Shed and then saw this, lol. Nice one mate! Andy
  4. Thank you John and MayGray, the trouble is now the rotten weather, not had one clear night here in the last 6 weeks. MayGray, have you posted any images of your set up? I'd love to take a look.
  5. If you need any help with the imaging or processing aspect, just shout, there isn't another website in the Universe that hold so much collective knowledge and experience with imaging under UK conditions, and how to get the best out of your system under UK skies and seeing. What sort of targets will you be going for? Hi Tim, Thanks, my first love is Lunar and Planetary but I want to have a go at a bit of everything eventually. Thank you to those that responded, I feel like a proud father,lol. Andy
  6. I have finally finished building my dream imaging system after many years and saving, thought I'd post a picture for you to comment on, Andy
  7. Same price at River Valley Optics too
  8. Where is the best place to go in the UK for tube rings? I need a set of 145mm ID for my FS128, are there any others apart from Parallax as they are a bit pricey for me at the moment. Also, the 33cm SW dovetail plate, is that man enough for the weight of this scope with an ST80 on top too? Andy.
  9. On the NEQ6 Pro it is a straight DB9 male to female extension lead
  10. Hi, go to the Astronomy Shed website and register, they have video tutorials which really are very good. From calibrating the polar scope, calibrating the mount and polar alignment.
  11. Thanks everyone, alt adjusters are on the way. Love the handset holder Olly, I thought after I asked you for the link that you might have been on a wind up, so I do apologise. lol. I'm off to look into the EQ6 Yahoo group. Andy
  12. Finally done it! Now I'm not a small guy by any means but it took both hands and literally every ounce of strength to move the ****** with the ajuster. It would unwind from 30 right down to 10 degrees exactly how you'd expect, but getting it back again was another matter entirely. Got it back eventually to 40 degrees after spraying several times with WD40 and leaving it for a few minutes each time, then managing a few turns with a tea towel wrapped around the adjuster head, I'm really surprised that the inordinate amount of pressure I had to use didn't actually bend or break anything. When it
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