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  1. Hi I live near to maidstone and work in lordswood. I would be interested in a meet up as I do not get out as much as I would like. I have a skywatcher 150 pro on an HEQ5 mount.
  2. :hello1: :hello1: :hello1: Thanks . I had a look and could not find anything. I must try and not be so clumsy. James
  3. Hi Does anyone know if you can buy replacement glass for a Telrad finder, Mine just fell out and smashed Many Thanks James
  4. Thanks for the replies, I think I will go for the 8-24 zoom as you said Andrew it offers a good range for general viewing. I do have afocuserthat will take 2" but I do not have a 2" diagonal at the moment. I do like looking at the planets (when you can see them) but find a low power eyepieceusefulfor location items. Thanks again for advise James
  5. Hi I am looking at eyepiece's as the "buy yourself a present" season is nearly on us . I am looking at the 24MM BADDER PLANETARIUM (FROM FIRST LIGHT OPTICS£78.50)not sure how to post link, what do you think about this eyepiece? The other option would be the 8-24mm zoom, whilst this would not have such a widefieldof view at the 24mm end, it would give a lot more viewing options for only £66.5 more. Am I going to notice the difference between the zoom and individual eyepieces have zooms improved in quality over time? I currently have a Skymax 150 pro (1800mm)Any help or advice would be welcome before I spend my hard earned. James
  6. Hi Just a quick question as I am looking at new eyepeices. Can you use 2" eyepecices with to skymax 150 pro. 2" eypeices would be better as I may well get a 4" refractor some time which will work. Many Thanks James
  7. Thanks for the reply, just wanted to check before I spent a lot of time setting mount up. James
  8. Hi I have just read Astro Baby's excellent tutorial on polar aligning the Heq5 (I would put in a link at this point but I am not sure how). My question relates to the date circle, on my mount this scale appears to be very loose, there is a lot of play in it and it easily spins independently of anything else. Is this correct? There is also play in the RA index scale when locked, which makes accurately setting the time and date hard, is this normal? :crybaby: Having read Astro Babies guide I think I finally understand the process, :notworthy: :notworthy: (Thanks Astro Baby). I am just not sure about the scales. If it ever stops raining I will give polar alignment another go tonight. Many Thanks James
  9. If you are using for imaging, is apeture still as important? Just longer exposure's just a thought :? James
  10. Thanks Ian Just what I was looking for, no point re-inventing the wheel. cheers James
  11. Hi I was wondering is it possible to remove the mount from the tripod legs of a Heq5 mount and fix to a home made pier? ( steel tube with flat plate on top), if so how would you attach it? Would it bolt on ?? Would like option of using the tripod or fixed pier (once I can get the location agreed) I know you can buy a pier for it but I have access to various sizes of steel tube and welders. Not sure of connection details. James
  12. I have managed to attach the skymax to my Eq2 mount by taking off the rings and finding some longer bolts to attach the dove tail, :cheers: the counter weights are not heavy enough but at lest I could test it (I thought). don't you just love our weather. O well there is always tomorrow. James
  13. Thanks for all your welcoming messages.
  14. Hi Thanks for the advice, I thought it would not be to stable but when the tube arrived I was keen to give it a go. I suppose I will just have to wait until I can get a bigger mount. James
  15. Hi I have viewed the forum for a while but have not posted until today. I have found all your advise very heedful, reading reply s to others problems. I am slowly building my equipment its going to be a long process, my next purchase is going to be a mount Heq5 goto I think, although I keep changing my mind. I have an old helios 130 reflector, and just got a second hand skymax 150, have not used yet as I need to attach it to my Eq2 mount temporarily. (see post in equipment help). I think this hobby is going to get expensive and I am already in trouble for the skymax purchase. O well, clear sky's to you all. James
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