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  1. Its just named after colour of the Master Blenders urine after a good night out on a Highland Park.
  2. Never its just insect repellent to keep you guys south of the wall
  3. All COVID issues are resolved by Just covering yourself head to toe in Sanitizer and downing a full bottle of a cheap blend in one go.
  4. Adiran he is full of something not sure its always ideas lol.
  5. NEQ 6 Pro for sale. The mount has had the Power Mod done to allow for better connection. It has also had the EQ6 Rail mod done to allow for another AZ. I have upgraded the AZ bolts to. Tripod, Weights and Extension Tube included. SynScan 4 handset. Pick up Preferred. Buyer can arrange pickup £650
  6. That's the Car packed. About to leave at 07.30. Hopefully be at the campsite just after Lunch if Dave does not stop to many times.
  7. Sorry to hear that Derek . We will catch you next time.
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