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  1. Rik, I just bought a Lunt 60TPT with feather touch focuser and B1200 blocking filter. I've personally never looked through a PST, so I can only speak from the Lunt perspective, but I am VERY happy with my purchase. The view of the sun is impressive and I would encourage you to hold off on getting a PST if you can get the money together for a Lunt before the transit of Venus. If you won't be able to save enough by then for a Lunt, then a PST is not a bad way to go and you could always turn around and sell it for close to retail when it comes time to upgrade.
  2. Well, after a long wait I finally got my brand new Lunt LS60 set up today during a rare cloud break to observe the sun in H-alpha for the first time. I've had lots of time to practice setting up the scope since the Lunt Zoom eyepiece was on backorder for about a month and I don't have any other eyepieces as I'm new to amateur astronomy. It was just as well that I had to wait, since March here was the rainiest on record for Spokane since records began in 1881! Anyways, with solar maximum fast approaching, and the transit of Venus coming up in May, I decided to get into the brighter side of astronomy to start. I'm not disappointed. Today's experience proved that I made a good decision. It was amazing! I was able to see puffy looking red prominences around the sun's disc almost immediately and a very interesting filament which looked like a worm. Seeing the sun "up close" felt exhilarating! I've seen LOTS of H-alpha images of the sun, both on this forum and other websites, but seeing it through my own scope was completely different! I had total control and could zoom in and out of interesting features. So much fun! I just wanted to post this so I could not only share my excitement, but also encourage anyone thinking about getting a dedicated solar scope to take the plunge! The transit of Venus will not happen again in our lifetime after the one in May, and solar maximum only happens every eleven years. Spread the word!
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