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  1. Just been out tonight for the first time in about a month and a half due to work and weather etc. Clear as a bell out there so thought I'd try and see M81 and M82 with scope. Could find them with binos, but after trying for an hour, just couldn't find them with scope... to near zenith I think and dob wobbles a bit up there. Neck strain to, at that angle. So frustrating....!! On the upside though, I did manage to glimpse comet Lulin through binos..
  2. Good link, although I think it's probably more like what you would see in a dark sky situation.From small town Dunstable where I live, the views are not quite as sharp as that.Mike..
  3. My other half has just suggested that maybe she should start an astronomy wives forum, for mutual support and therapy.
  4. Hi everyone,Just had my Dob outside with Baader zoom ep attached, and tried to really take the time to get the adjusting tensions etc right by messing with the tighness of the handles.There just didn't seem to be an optimal setting where I could move the scope and have it stay in the position that I'd moved it to. It would always want to move an inch or so downward, so I ended up having to oversompensate with its position and then allow it to fall to where I wanted to view. As you can imagine, this was not ideal.....Still, I managed to see M31 (and saw either M32 or M110 for the first time. Which ever one it was was to the lower right of M31 in the FOV).I then had a look at the moon, which involved putting the scope on a garden chair in order to see over the fence and then holding it in place with one hand while I clicked the zoom lens in and out with the other. Obviously the moon was wobbling quite a bit. (Still looked amazing though especially after I added the neodymium filter).I then thought I'd try my Celestron 10mm elux eyepiece and hey presto!! All balance problems suddenly dissapeared!.So....it looks like my brand new Baader zoom is just to heavy for the mount.A shame, because I could definitely notice a difference in quality between the Baader and the Celestron.On my last postG1ZmOsuggested a large magnet could be added as a counterweight. Has anyone tried this (and where would one purchase said magnet?) or are there any other solutions for the problem?It'd be a shame if I couldn't use the Baader since it really did produce a better image that the Celestron.Anyhow, sorry for the long post. All suggestions appreciated.Mike..
  5. I was in Rother Valley Optics in Sheffield the other day, and noticed this huge contraption they have in the window, which was two 6 inch reflectors on a mount joined by a binocular viewer.The sales guy told me its a fully computerized model, and apparently the chap that makes them to order does them up to 12 or 14 inches per scope!!
  6. Thanks for all those suggestions.Actually I think I may have a tendency to overtighen in order to make is stay still. Sometimes, the more I seem to tighten, the more it seems to have a tendency to move to where it wants to rest.Will try the candlewax, and also like the idea of the magnet.Very clever!Thanks,Mike..
  7. Hi,Last night I had severe problems with my dob mount not staying where I was pointing it.It would always move half an inch or so especially at or near zenith, so i was trying to compensate for this by moving it a bit to far. Needless to say, this stopped me finding anything.Its a Celestron Starhopper 6".Now there's 2 clutch handles, one with what they call a "variable tension" washer, and another one with no washer.Not sure whether to just tighten one them or mess with both.Doesn't seem to be a method whatever I do.My question is, is this common on dob mounts and just something to live with?I got mine for £100 from David Hinds as an end of line ex display sale item, so I'm wondering if the mount is in some way damaged. (I'm not casting aspersions on David Hinds, had very good service from them.)I was using a new Baader variable eyepiece last night....but surely this shouldn't be to heavy for a 6" dob.Anyhow, any thoughts will be welcome.Thanks,Mike..
  8. Ha ha....<P>I like the idea of the balaclava.....If I were to go out the front of the house to view Orion, I'd be pointing my Dob, which bears more than a passing resemblance to a rocket launcher, right into the flight path of aircraft going in and out of Luton airport. <p>I wonder if I could get a filter that blocks the sort of UV flashing blue light coming from police vans...!
  9. That Parka looks good actually.My other half has been on at me to buy a "proper winter coat" so this may be just the opportunity!Plus, I'm going to be working in Norway and Sweden next month, so may come in double handy!I'd forgotten how difficult it is to operate in the cold..Guess that comes with practice and patience too
  10. Just been outside, but had to come in after 2 hours. Been waiting to try out my Baader Zoom eyepiece since I bought it, and was very impressed with it, but was very frustrated with the fact that I couldn't get my telescope to stay in position at or near zenith. It would move after I postitioned it just a fraction of an inch, but making it impossible for me to find anything.I think I need to practice more with the tension on the clutch system, but never get a chance cos of no clear nights.Frustrating!!Anyhow, had to come in after 2 hours cos very cold.Now I feel guilty that I'm not out there, after so much couldy weather.Right, going to sit in front of fire now.
  11. I got a Baader clickable Zoom, Neodynium filter and a Skywatcher led torch.Of course, bought the stuff myself, with gift money.
  12. Ah, that makes more sense now, thanks very much.So basically, the faster the scope, the less exposure time required but the more need for quality gear...Good to hear the Hyperion wiil work well with my dob.Think I could probably get rid of my bog standard celestron eyepieces and just have the one!.Mike..
  13. Sorry to ask what must seem like a dumb question, but I'm still confused about focal ratios.Is a higher focal ratio (eg f/10) better or worse for photography that a lower one.And does higher mean fast , or lower.I'm thinking of getting a Baader Zoom eyepiece and read somewhere that its not so good on the faster focal ratios.My six inch celestron dob is an F/8 i think, so is this fast or slow?
  14. by the way, has anyone tried listening to the astronomy agogo podcast while out? i haven't, i listen in the car, but its obviously designed to listen while you observe, although i don't think i'm quick enough on the finder scope yet!
  15. Heh Heh, I'm a professional musician, so IF i have a night off AND its clear sky AND I'm not to tired to take the scope outside, then I love no music.Just stars are good.
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