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  1. May I ask what Modded means. Timetraveller I looked at the Philips Toucam and it looks like a nice peice of kit, do you require anything else to take pix with this or is it somehow attached dirctley to your scope? I checked out some pix taken using this and the guy had amazing pix of the planets using this item.
  2. Many thanx Peter, I shall try what you suggested if I ever get a night without clouds, as for getting an slr I just bought my Sony so dont think my wife would be entirly pleased at me buying another so soon, have to save my pocket money I think, I will at some stage like to get some good pix but in the meantime I shall just have to be patient.
  3. I have a Meade ETX 125 CE scope and there is at the back an attachment for a 35mm camera, I do not have a 35mm but I do have one of these http://www.ukdigitalcameras.co.uk/__4_prod3_asp2_1_i4_42511_125_Sony_Cybershot_T70_Silver7.html is is it possible with I dont know some kind of adapter to use this camera? I know Im probably grasping at straws but thought theres no harm in asking. Also I think that I can somehow attach the scope to my computer but the connection I got with the scope does not fit on my laptop, is it possible to get another connection that will fit into a laptop?
  4. Thanx Greencat I have had a quick look and it looks interesting, I have added it to my favourites.
  5. Casas many thanx for the advice and link, there seems to be so much to read on the net regarding astronomy, its mindboggling. Im sure I shall get there eventually, as they say practise makes perfect. I shall check out Hyperions as suggested by you.
  6. Many many thanks for the info, as I bought the scope used there was not a CD Rom with it, there are instructions though, although I find it easier to follow instructions on a DVD than reading the instructions with it, another good investment I think when I get around to ordering it, my goodness my list of needs grow daily LOL I look forward to the time when I fully understand what Im doing and can then enjoy stargazing.
  7. Kaptain I did focus out and the star became much smaller and spherical and very bright, as you said I also saw a few more around about it, was I expecting to see to much, sounds like I was, as I dont know what I was looking at Im guessing it must have been so far away that this was all I would see of it, can I expect better views once I figure out where the planets in our own solar system are located?
  8. Steppenwolf I have a Meade ETX 125 CE not sure what kind it is, I bought it used, when I used it for terrestial viewing I did not get the polo shape but last night what I was seeing just did not seem like what I should be seeing if that makes sense.
  9. As a newcomer who has only posted a couple of times I have no reason to beleive that I will not learn most that I need to know about astronomy from the members here, so far the members have been very forthcoming with advice and very friendly.
  10. Last night was the first night since getting my telescope that the clouds were gone, I managed to focus on a star using the viewfinder but when I viewed through the main telescope the image was rather like a polo mint shape, it was spherical but it had a black centre, am I doing something wrong as when I focused on another it was the same, as I said Im pretty green in this field so I hope it is something Im not doing correct that is the problem. While Im here may I ask about the Barlow lens, the one that doubles the strenght of the telescope, is this something that I should invest in sooner rather than later?
  11. Wow what a response, thanx very much. I will leave the power tank for the time being as for the present I will be using my telescope from home, but shall certainly consider this for the future. Dan Dare I shall order the one you gave me a link for when my wife and I return from our holiday in a few weeks. Steve many thanx for the kind offer but shall invest in a new one to start. Helen its nice to know what you said about the power wavering on the ETX, I shall remember this should it happen.
  12. piper42


    Many thanx for the very friendly welcome, Time Traveller I live in the Kingdom of Fife in Kirkcaldy. As a member of another forum for my main hobby for the last 10 years (military cross stitch) I already know that no question I ask will be considered trivial, we all have to start learning somewhere and Im a great believer in "if you dont know, ask" I have a lot to learn so I look forward to picking your brains on the subject of astronomy.
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