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  1. Ive read it a couple of times and to be fair I dont think its is written particularly well. Got a mate with the same mount, going to take it round to his to get a bit of hands on practical practice.
  2. Couldn't resist it went out and got some double A's. After a few unsuccessful attempts at trying to align it I did a bit of manual slewing and viewed a very shaky Mars and Saturn with its glorious rings.
  3. My first scope a second hand Skywatcher Sktymax 127 on a Sync Scan AZ goto mount. Skys are looking good tonight but I havent got any batteries for my mount (bad times). Going to take a while to get my head round the mount but Im hope for many happy hours staring at the sky.
  4. Scope on its way should be here tomorrow, just a bit excited. Praying for clear sky's this weekend.
  5. Yes I think the camera maybe a little heavy is there anyway round this ?
  6. Can't seem to find what you mean. Does it screw into where the eyepiece would go or clamp to the actual eyepiece ?
  7. Good point, Im not after spending masses of money unless Im sure I will be sticking with it for the long haul. But I think something are probably pretty essential.
  8. I'll see how it goes first mate if its going to be cloudy Im not going to go through many batteries, lol
  9. I know its jumping the gun a bit seeing as my first scope has yet to arrive but Im just wondering what digital camera adaptor ring I might need for a Panasonic Lumix FZ38 camera ?
  10. Ahh Ill make sure I get the newer one then, thanks. failing getting my leisure battery sorted I'll keep my eye out for a cheap power tank.
  11. Thanks for the advice people. I'm defiantly going to get a dew shield and I've been thinking of getting turn left at Orion on hard copy (I have it on PDF) and also nightwatch. I'm interested to know of the mount can be ran on a car or caravan leisure battery as I will be using it while on caravan trips (so very dark skies to be had).
  12. Ive just managed to get my hands on a second hand Skywatcher Skymax 127 on an AZ goto mount off of AstroBuySell UK. I got it for what I consider to be a good price considering the guy said hes only had it 4/5 months. Its the scope Ive been after for a while but due to the shortage of new SW and Celestron scopes Ive been waiting for a decent secondhand one to com up. Im just wondering what else I might need to get, its coming with these: 6mm Ultra Wide,10mm, 25mm 2x Barlow Diagonal Moon filter
  13. Well I'll soon find out myself as Ive just bagged a second hand SW Skymax 127. Im hoping for some good COLOURFUL Lunar and planetary views.
  14. Yes thank you. I looked into it after you commented and understand now. It's a little disappointing to find It out but it won't put me off.
  15. Cheers guys !!! How much will a reasonable finder scope set me back ? Still want to know if a skywatcher scope will fit a celestron mount and visa versa.
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