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  1. You can imagine the relief Im feeling right now! The clouds kept away so I have been given the chance of actually testing everything the same evening as I first dropped the telescope on the ground and second discovered that the mount only moved on one axis! Here is one unguided, 185 sec long exposure with som quick polar alignment so star trailing is obvious! (Also some quick levels in PS) But unless I missed something everything seems to work splendid! I have to say, hats off to Sky-Watcher when it comes to the HEQ5 mount. I have not treated it kindly the years I have owned it which is starting to be quite a few! And it still delivers! Same to the William Optics telescope, but that one I have actually tried to take care of atleast, storing it indoors for the most of its life. Fingers crossed I can start the build of my own observatory next year. The heavens know my gear deserve it ;)
  2. Okay so after examining the motor I decided to try a little percussion force om it. After that something loosend! Now it turns easy by hand. I put everything back the way it was (I think) and the mount lives yet again! ? So to conclude: Take care of your stuff if you want it to work! And if it doesnt work: Bash it with a screwdriver! ? Have a good evening all! Mine just got a lot better ?
  3. The latest suspect is this motor. While I can turn the other one by hand this on is rock solid and will not budge at all. Someone with knowledge if this is normal?
  4. It feels sluggish to move around with the clutches released as well but I dont know how to get access to the correct part of the mount to fix it..
  5. Hi all! So after half a year of neglecting my telescope (new house with restoration needs, new work, 3-year old daughter, marriage etc..) I finally felt the time was right to dust of (literally) my telescope gear. After having dropped my WO GTF81 on the ground and having to fix the focuser I was keen mounting it and making sure the optics took the hit with grace. So on to the problem: While it slews fine on the DEC axis nothing at all happens on the RA axis (if I remember the difference correct). Not even a whimper of a sound. Im not familiar at all with tinkering on the mount and dont know what to try. I opened the hatch on the side and the gears seem fine. The mount has stood in our not so weathertight barn the last six months so both water and dust (its so dusty inside its insane) could be the problem. Any suggestions on where to look and what to do? Thanks in advance!
  6. Interresting take om this object! Dont think I have seen anything like it. It feels very ”dreaming”. Thanks for sharing and nice work
  7. Stunning image! I like the spikes in this image. They make the beautiful cluster stand out even more ?
  8. On the #2 question I agree that the south view is most important. A view of Polaris isnt nessesary at all but makes things easier. At the same time, you wont have to polar align that often with a permanent setup hopefully Most of that is visible north will sooner or later be visible in the south as well but not the other way around. (Please correct my if my thinking is incorrect here). Of course it depends on how dark your skies are at summer, mine arent dark at all (57 degrees north, Sweden). I prioritized east and south views when deciding on where to put my future observatory. Will take a few years before I can evaluate if I made te right move ?
  9. I’ve come to totally loving these threads! I’ve also started the process of building my own observatory but the location that I have chosen is a small hill absolutely covered in trees of a bunch of different sizes, so it will take some time just to get to the point where I can start with the foundation. But even if it may take a few years to complete atleast I have alot of time to perfect the plans and to find inspiration on this forum! Maybe I will start my own thread later as a ”payback” as well Good luck with your build! Looking forward to updates!
  10. True, hadnt thought of that. Good points!
  11. Wow thats awesome! How long did it take to draw the mounts and telescope? Looks really professional
  12. Sorry for hikacking your thread but had a look around that website and found these: http://www.fhbrundle.co.uk/products/41MPS300__Hanger_For_Sliding_Door_MPS300_500H_4_Wheel_Medium_Duty_Hanger http://www.fhbrundle.co.uk/products/41K3003__Medium_Duty_Top_Track_3_Metres_K300 As I understand they are meant for hanging sliding doors but do anyone know if they work ”the other way around”? My thoughts were to install the track on top of the wall and wheels on the rolling roof. That would lock the parts together, making it so much harder for the wind to lift the roof off.
  13. Very much appreciated! Probably better than borrowing my daughters crayons to draw my designs
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