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  1. The extra bit was indeed the issue. Bah.. anyway, wicked view of jupiter right now and its moons. Amazing. Also had a quick look at the moon before it ducked away and had a good look at some craters. Gobsmacked really. Never saw this stuff as a kid but I suppose I will appreciate it more now. Cheers fellas. Back to bevies and stars. -J J
  2. I think removing the 2" may do it. Makes sense but I find it odd the telescope guru never made mention. Hoping thats what it is as Ive spent about 6hrs collimating it. Its gutting me knowing whats waiting to be seen. Thanks for your input guys and I will share my result. -J
  3. It does have a 2" ext tube. I will remove it and see if they makes a diff tnight. Just curious..why would that make a diff? Cheers guys and let you know how I make out.
  4. I have tried going that route but alas nothing. I am using a 10mm plossl with it I should mention. I dont get any kind of a pinpointed image. I checked the collimation (cheshire) again and everything appears ok. Still all I get is a bright image with nothing but a reflection of the spider. When I adjust it all that is happening is a sharpened image of the spider and less grain/haze in the star object. I sense a grey hair coming on. Thanks. J
  5. Hi, New to it all so thanks in advance. I just purchased a 10" collapsable dobsonian and I am having an issue seeing the night sky through it. No issue at all it during the day but when I align with a star at night its all blurry and all I see is the spider and a bright image of the star. I have tried adjusting the view but all it seems to do it sharpen the image of the spider and mirror clips. As I mentioned it has no issue with daylight visuals to adjust. I did take it to the dealer and he double checked it and made a minor adjustment on it during daylight and focused on an image across the road. Same reslult as I had. Any suggestions? Its crippling me not being able to see anything but an upside down bird in a tree. J
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