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  1. If you opt for the strict SETI specification for intelligent life, it's that they can build and operate a radio transmitter. Which means they need the opposable digits to use a soldering iron.
  2. Does anyone happen to know what screw thread is used in the tension handles on a Skyliner 200P? Photo attached of the handle to which I'm referring.
  3. Talk by Dr James Silvester, astrophotography tutorial, and observing afterwards with NEAS:
  4. In case any of you might be interested in attending: This Saturday 10th May the astronomer and science writer Dr Stuart Clark is visiting the Scottish Dark Sky Observatory to give a special guest lecture - "The Quest to Understand Gravity". Throughout history there have been a number of seismic changes in our understanding of the Universe. In the acclaimed astronomer Dr Stuart Clark’s talk, he will look at the key players in our quest to understand gravity, Galileo, Newton, Einstein and more. He will also look at why we might need a new theory of gravity now. Places are limited, so book now
  5. I believe they will need to submit a new planning application to Chelmsford City Council, however CCC seem keen to fast track everything and don't put up much rational opposition to it.
  6. Great Leighs racecourse possibly finally getting the go-ahead - http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/horse-racing/27190071 So expect skies in the local vicinity (40 mile radius) to be floodlit from now on.
  7. I posted up the link on the NEAS facebook page, and I think it's also been tweeted too.
  8. I suppose it's always going to be something of a comprise. Given they're now prepared to switch off the lights after midnight, it's not a great hardship to go along with the premise that in certain circumstances they'll be left on occassionally.
  9. Here's a 20 second exposure at ISO 400 to show you what it's like: And one of Orion over the main dome:
  10. Do you hold these meetups on Loch Doon regularly? Or just whenever the weather possibly clear?
  11. I've moved from Essex up to Ayrshire. You guys should see the dark skies around here... ...totally cloudy.
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