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  1. That is quite literally spectacular! Unguided too....excellent! How on earth have you managed to resolve this so well - it's almost like a near earth object! More please
  2. Hello Scott from another Scott Lots of astro Scott's in Staffordshire it seems! I have no experience with Pentax EP's but they are well known for being high price but equally high quality optics. 5mm may be a tad too high depending on the 'seeing' conditions, but I base this on my own experiences with 5mm Celestron XL eyepiece which although quite expensive, is not in the same league as the Pentax. I find generally 8mm to be about it with our seeing usually (on a SW 130 PDS). If I had one, I would let you take a look. But I don't Good luck and clear skies!!!!
  3. So S@N is on it's way out then!? I can only imagine the rationale behind it is due to cost versus viewing figures? Why not put it on now instead of this daft Atlantis thing that's on the tv now and the figures might just improve a bit?? On a serious note, now SPM has passed, the show can be argued to have lost its allure a little, but the re-invention of its format and the new content and presenting style have added to the show in my view, not detracted from it. It will never be to everyone's taste, but as a viewer since I was a teenager, I can appreciate why some might not like it now it's key member has sadly left us. To be fair, it was never going to be quite the same. However, it doesn't make the show and better or worse than before, just different. So now, the BBC intend to pull the show, with little regard for the people who still work on it and present it it appears, and even less regard for the thousands of people who still watch it. Like everyone else here I pay my licence fee and I disagree with what looks like, a short sighted and arrogant thought process, whereby someone at the Beeb has decided it's a good idea to axe the longest running tv show with the same presenter ever- a British televisual institution which still gives so much information to many, many people today and nods it's head to the legacy of SPM every time it airs. But hey, so what, we can just ignore the evident anger now blossoming on the internet and also in the newspaper stories, disregard the anger of tens of thousands of UK licence fee payers and pull the show anyway, just a year after the great man has passed. Well done Beeb, round of applause from me Good to see that loyalty is not being misplaced. Rant over, I'm off to sign the online petition (for what attention the BBC will pay to it)....
  4. You know it's a good one when it turns into an 'all nighter'. Nice one
  5. I do rather like M45. Lovely capture
  6. Welcome from me too Tammie. Photography and telescopes do mix very well later on down the line, so long as you start saving now Clear skies....
  7. And hi from me too. Astro dobsonian dating. I reckon there's a business opportunity there
  8. Welcome back from me too. Clear autumn skies.... Amen to that!
  9. For a first attempt that's very good. This is also the place to ask and get sound advice. Keep at it
  10. Welrod50

    Good evening!

    And hello from me too
  11. Hi Drew and welcome to SGL When the time comes that you need to ask for some advice, or just want pointing in the right direction, post here and you'll get a multitude of great answers! In the meantime, I hope your skies clear for you. It's not much different over the pond in my part of the UK at the mo.
  12. Hi button and welcome aboard. Lots of knowledgeable folk here so ask what you wish when the time comes and you'll be pointed in the correct direction
  13. Excellent as it is I think. More data will be a bonus. Nicely captured!
  14. A great deal of effort has gone into this and it shows. Very nice and thanks for sharing!
  15. Welrod50


    Hello from me too Dave
  16. Another 130 PDS aficionado! What can I say, I agree entirely. Small enough to transport easily, wide enough and sharp enough to give great images, easy for the mount to handle, and dirt cheap. I personally love mine and you've seen for yourself what it can do Superb captures for short exposure and I'm guessing your skies are pretty dark too by the looks of it. Just imagine what you could get if you started guiding! If it makes you feel any better, I tried a single guided 300 sec sub of the Crescent Nebula a fortnight ago just to see what the unmodded Kr would pick up. To be honest, it looked much the same as yours. Oh and yeah, darks and flats are a must for better images. I've tried them without both and also with different combinations too. Darks, Flats and Bias frames are the order of the day!
  17. Well, I tried a test shot of the eastern Veil at 300 sec (just one sub) about two weeks ago with my unmodded Pentax Kr just to see if it would pick anything up. After processing the single RAW file, the veil was quite visible and I imagine more subs would produce a better result. So it is possible, albeit modded will always pick more out. HTH
  18. Your most welcome and yeah, tell me about that weather!! All geared up last night and just cloudy all night and tonight even worse. I'm actually in a mood!!
  19. Forgot to add to the above post, this works with my EQ3 and the weight of the 130 PDS with DSLR and guide scope fitted, but slight adjustments might be required with different weight ratios. I've found that the RA aggressiveness boost and the calibration step adjustment seem to be key. They allow the mount to make faster and more frequent adjustments and allow me to take 10 minute subs with a 70% keep rate and 5 minutes at 100% (not counting the odd fail due to the breeze). I'm yet to experiment on longer due to the camera sensor getting too hot, but I do think I could go beyond 10 minutes if absolutely necessary, albeit my need is non existent really (just nice to know I could if I wished). With this set up it is finished calibrating after about 11 or 12 steps each direction. With this shot of M27 in the OP, it is 1.25 hrs of data, but with cool down periods inbetween, I actually tracked it for 3 hours all night with no issues whatsoever.
  20. OK, these are my settings: 1. Mount guide speed set to 1x on the synscan handset. The default is 0.5x and if the synscan is turned off, it defaults back to this. 1x is fastest. 2. PHD exposure time I set to 1 second. Most folks advise 2 secs, but I have found that the camera is pretty sensitive at 95% gain and good guide stars will show up fine at 1 sec and it stops them saturating too. 3. BRAIN RA Aggressiveness = 120% Dec Guide Mode = Auto. RA Hysterisis = 25% Dec Algorithm = Resist switching Max RA Duration = 300ms Dec slope weight = 5.00 Search region pixels = 15 Max Dec Duration = 300ms Min. Motion Pixels = 0.15 Star Mass Tolerance = 0.50 Calibration Steps = 1500ms Noise Reduction = off Time Lapse = 0ms Camera gain = 95% LE Port = 378 Dither Scale = 1.00 Force Calibration ticked. 4. Very precise polar alignment (with the weights on the bar!!) If you do a polar align with the weights off, even with everything nice and tight with the weights back on the polarscope will move ever so slightly I've found. Then do a three star align. The first couple might come up 'Alignment failed'. For some reason, some alignment stars work better than others. Good luck!
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