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  1. Hi folks, I'm after some advice or reasoning from the forum please... Just recently purchased a 5mm Celestron XCel LX eyepiece and tonight was the first opportunity I've had to give it a whirl. I bought it as my highest mag EP so as to replace the x2 Barlow and std 10mm EP that came with my SW Explorer 130. I've found these to be fairly poor even in good seeing. This evening, seeing here in Staffordshire pretty good and not really any atmospheric turbulence. The 25mm EP is, as ever, relatively sharp. The 10mm EP actually pretty sharp too tonight. I didn't bother with the barlow though as I know it's not really worth using. Enter stage left - the lovely new 5mm XCel LX. On it went, everything cooled down nicely and my eyes tuned in! It's terrible! I can get it to focus ok, although it is a very fine line indeed between focussed and blurred. But when it is in focus, the sharpness and contrast are worse than the 10mm with the Barlow. Is this EP going beyond the capabilities of my SW 130 or is it something else? I have not checked my scopes collimation (yet!) but if the 25mm and the 10mm are sharp, surely this should be?! Any thoughts please? Scott
  2. Hello Rob. Welcome aboard. It is a great hobby, which will undoubtedly become expensive I have a SW 130 too - great scope for starting with. As for the roll of red film on the computer, I like that idea. But, get a red light torch instead and print off some star maps from the following website, it's a massive help!! www.ngc891.com Clear skies Scott Staffordshire.
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    Hello and welcome from me too. This is the place to be for advice and chat on those cloudy nights. But in the meantime - clear skies eh!! Scott
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    Welcome aboard It is addictive, it can be very expensive, but you only live once and the enjoyment is captivating. Don't feel too bad about it...I don't. Scott.
  5. +1 on that advice Charlie. I have same scope and I put the 25mm EP on first of all. I used a pylon from upstairs bedroom window in broad daylight. Pylon was miles away! When I set mine up, I got the pylon in the centre of the view first, then used the windage and elevation adjustment on the red dot mount to get the dot on the pylon. Then put the 10mm (or whatever high mag EP you've got) and check that the object is central. I was lucky with mine as it was spot on, but if you struggle, just microadjust the red dot mount. You'll get there mate Scott.
  6. I know the feeling Out on Tuesday night until 1am and last night until 11:30pm. How easy is it to lose track of time!! Jupiter was particularly good last night - I was able to resolve the bands for the first time in a fortnight and Mars actually had a polar ice cap (albeit it I had to look hard to see it). Same agin tonight?? You bet. Sky TV is rubbish when compared to the sky. Clear skies... Scott Staffs UK.
  7. OK, Charlie try this: Take scope and eyepieces outside half an hour before you want to start observing. Then go out, allow your eyes to get used to the lower lighting for ten minutes then use the 25mm EP to find the planets. Set up the 10mm EP in the Barlow ready and when you've got the planet in the centre of your field of view, swap the 25mm out for the Barlowed 10mm straight away. That's the easy way of getting to grips with the object (unless you have a finder or red dot scope attached). Also be aware of atmospheric quality. You need good 'seeing' before any telescope will have any chance of pulling detail out of what you point it at. Assuming the atmospheric turbulence isn't too bad, you've got the quality of the optics to contend with. Generally speaking, a Barlow lens will diminish image quality anyway. Finally, the scope must be correctly collimated with the mirrors aligned inside properly. If the collimation is off even a tiny bit, it will affect your view. I've tried not to make things awkward, but these are all worthy considerations. Chances are, it's just atmospheric turbulence in your locality and medium quality EP's and/or Barlow. If it makes you feel any better, tonight is the first night in two weeks that I've been able to see Jupiter's bands properly. Good luck Scott
  8. If I were in your position, and been trying to sort this for such a long time, I would consider taking it somewhere and have them do it for you. I can understand your reluctance to fiddle with it. I have a 130 SW and it is fine, but if it were in need of collimating, I would probably take it to me nearest store (whereever it may be). That way, you're covered if anything goes wrong and it should be done quickly and correctly. Good luck Scott.
  9. I know what you mean. Tried the moon for the first time tonight with my SW 130 since I got it. It is indeed a 'wow' moment. Looked superb at 25mm, superb at 10mm and pretty good through the std Barlow with the 25mm on that. Seeing conditions not bad here tonight either. M42 clearly visible for the first time all week too. Our son was even more impressed with the moon. It's so nice to be able to show him that and share the wonderment with him. Jupiter was the best though. At least six moons visible, maybe a seventh (I couldn't be sure) and for the first time with the 10mm on, could just make out some banding. Fantastic. It makes the waiting worthwhile. Hope tomorrow is the same Scott Staffordshire
  10. Good advice, thanks. May I ask, is the Celestron xcel series 'better' than the Celestron xcel LX?? I ask as there is a general decrease in price on the LX series EP's it seems compared to the Xcel, although both types appear to have multicoated optics. I intend to purchase an Xcel or even an Ultima x2 Barlow, a 12mm or 13mm Xcel (or LX) EP and probably a 32mm Xcel (or LX) also. I have decided to sell a very little used Sony R1 camera to fund the EP's so will have about £200 + to play with and may be able to put a bit to it if needed. Thanks again folks !!! Scott. ps I'm hoping the seeing is better tonight. It's clear at the mo, but I do think visibility may well be hazy again this evening. Will still have a look at Venus, Jupiter and the Moon though. Here's hoping .....
  11. That, is sound advice. Thanks very much. I've been looking at kit last night as the seeing was terrible again here in Staffs. I must say, I was leaning towards a good quality Barlow and mid range EP instead of a zoom, albeit one apparently as good as the Baader- so it's funny that I now read what you've advised here My thought process being that, if I get the best EP and barlow I can afford, that would be of more benefit to me. I would prefer absolute clarity at wider mags than the convenience of a zoom. It's not the first time I've read about the idea of a 13mm EP either. Truth be told, I want something that will allow me to see Jupiter more clearly on good nights and bring out more DSO's and I reckon a top quality EP will do that more often than a zoom will. Also, a Barlow will enable the use of all EP's (as others have rightly pointed ot already) and give greater versatility. Thanks for that, I think I've made my mind up. Now, what can I sell to fund this endeavour?? Cheers!!! Scott:D
  12. Hi and welcome to the lounge. +1 on Glowjet's post Let everyone know what you have at the mo (binoculars, scope?) Just out of interest. Scott
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    Hello Stellagirl. Welcome to the forum. Nothing wrong with being self taught - there is a wealth of info on the net and in this lounge in particular, which you will find useful. I've taken that route. The learning curve is massive, but equally enjoyable. I can't advise on astrophotography as I have no idea yet myself Finding my feet with scope and eyepieces though, but you will find some very smart folks here who will help you out. Let everyone know what scope you have, just out of interest. Scott
  14. Have you dropped the EP or scope, or knocked the scope at all?? If not, it may be light pollution and/or scope not cooled enough and/or atmospheric pollution and/or general bad seeing..... I don't know, just some thoughts. Other folks may suggest different. Wait and see what other answers you get maybe too. Try it in broad daylight on a distant object and see then if it's the same. If so, then perhaps something is amiss? Good luck! Scott.
  15. Have you tried letting the scope cool to ambient temperature outdoors first? It was suggested to me here and you will be surprised the difference it makes! I stand mine outdoors now 20 minutes before viewing and also allows my eyes to adjust to the darker outdoors. Have a look about first, then go to the scope later. It does make a difference. If not, then as suggested here, the collimation may be off. Good luck andn keep at it Scott.
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    Hello all

    Hello Vaughn. Like the packhorse bit. Just imagine if it was the other way around?! Scott
  17. Hello and welcome to the forum. Some knowlegeable folks here. It's a great place to be. Enjoy Scott.
  18. Hello and welcome to the forum. Some very knowlegeable people on here. You'll like it Scott.
  19. Hello Bikemark. I'm new here too and have just had a Skywatcher 130 last week as my first scope (not counting a 40mm Tasco I had in 1980 aged 4). There is some good advice on here. Check out a thread I started recently asking for advice on eye pieces. Some sound replies on there. Regards Scott (Staffordshire)
  20. Hello Smithy. I'm new here myself. It's a friendly place with good advice. Enjoy
  21. Hello Deltalady. What a great pressie. If my mrs got a scope for Mother's day, she would look at us like we had two heads. Enjoy it
  22. Hello all, a purely theoretical question and just for fun. If the Mrs reads this - I am quite happy with the scope I've already got dear so no, I'm not looking for another one!! OK, so if you had £500 to spend and not one penny more - what would you buy and why?? Refractor, Newtonian, Dobsonian etc I'm interested in what scopes are out there, what folks would choose and the reasons behind it. Lets see who agrees, who disagrees and which instruments (if any) appear to be firm favourites. Oh and one last bit, I imagine that some retailers will sell some scopes at a higher price than others, so to qualify, you must have seen the scope on a website sometime very recently. Off we go.....
  23. Rich, I've just bought the same scope and asked for eyepiece advice on a seperate thread. Had some sound advice if you wanna take a look. As for filter - I don't have any yet, so I just remove the 2" cap on the main body mirror cover and this dims the view down nicely. It helps a great deal too with Venus - and I reckon it will dim the moon down a lot also, although I've yet to try this. Good choise of scope. I love mine!! Scott
  24. Having spent all of this (overcast) evening doing yet more research, i think I am leaning towards a x2 TAL Barlow and a Baader Hyperion 8-24 zoom EP. Is there any reason why I could not use both together? Finally, I just need a nudge in the right direction guys. Any more users experience of these optics to share?? I ask as, if I do plump for these optics and they are not usable, it will be a lot of money wasted. I just need some reassurance and real owner input please. Will they be a real step up from the std 10mm and 25mm EP's that came with the scope??! Thanks Scott Skywatcher Explorer 130 F9 Tasco 12x50 bino's Tasco 40mm refractor (circa 1980) 10mm, 25mm EP's x2 Skywatcher Barlow Celestron Omni 4mm EP and still counting....
  25. While I think on, it is the 130 f9 non parabolic. Great scope by the way!
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