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  1. Its great seeing a wide field shot of this in all it's glory for a change. I have to say, it would be good to see a bicolour image aswell :-)
  2. Have you tried just stacking the light frames and see how they come out? I can't see why you would have banding on 400iso subs at 4 minutes. Might be worth checking all the individual RAW files first to see if banding is evident on any of those, perhaps lighten them one by one in a raw converter software and if the banding is there it will show up on each affected sub. If they are clean, stack them without darks, flats, bias etc as it is possible that these may be compromised?? There's always a possibility that DSS is doing something wrong. Maybe check your settings if you haven't yet tried this. Bit of a head scratcher! As for the wide field shot, it's really picked up the Pillars very well. Excellent stuff
  3. That's not too bad at all given the very high ISO and granted, more subs have given you better detail. Are you using dark frames at all? They will help, although you will no doubt be losing detail at such a high ISO. Try an intervalometer as has already been suggested. If you can get 60 sec subs at 4000 ISO you will see the difference straight away. I'm not a Nikon user, but I would have thought you could get some sort of tethering software for it, even from a third party?? I used to use PK Tether with a Pentax Kr before I switched to full spectrum modded Canon EOS and now use Back Yard Eos, but even then, my camera came with some Canon software which allowed basic tethered shooting. Just a few thoughts
  4. I'm liking the wide field view. Great for seeing galaxies in a different context too. 2 minutes without guiding is very good! Nice one
  5. As I type this I am presently having another go at this exact region with my kit. I won't get anywhere near 9hrs worth but it does show what can be achieved. I'm impressed. Very well done
  6. That really does jump off the screen at you doesn't it. Excellent stuff and well worth the effort!
  7. I initially thought 'stuck pixel' until I read that you got it on another camera. Space junk maybe then??
  8. Excellent stuff. Seeing galaxies like these fills me with wonder as to the sights we could come across if we could ever go there. I wonder if there are people there imaging our milky way galaxy (when our light reaches them) and thinking to themselves 'what lovely colours that spiral galaxy has'. Great stuff
  9. Good effort. I think the focus is ever so slightly off for the stars, but I'm being picky. Nice to see some clear sky here in Staffs
  10. They are certainly in the right area of sky to be Perseids so I would be confident that they are. I had a few hours out last night/this morning but alas, cloudy and miserable here in Staffordshire tonight too. Good effort
  11. I use a TS65 quad for my imaging and it is indeed very portable and does a good job. I had one to start with purchasing it about a year ago but I got it replaced as it had misaligned optics causing quite pronounced image degradation to one side of the frame. The replacement however was (is) spot on with pin sharp stars across 95% of the frame with very minor star elongation at the extreme outer edges. I use mine with a full spectrum modded Canon Eos 500d with Astronomic CLS clip filter installed. Trouble is, finding time when i'm either not at work or when there are no clouds ruining things. I haven't actually had it outdoors in two months
  12. Cheers, Oddly enough the 30 or so frames either side have got nowt in them I saw the brighter one as it happened and knew I had it, and then when I saw the small one and heard the shutter close literally straight after I laughed out loud (which says a lot for me as I don't make a habit of laughing to myself outside in the dark). The fact I have no other images with two meteors in them is testiment to how fortunate I was to ge this one! 'Pleased' would be an understatement.
  13. My own contribution from last night/this morning for what it's worth My first proper go at capturing a shower, and even then cloud tried really hard to spoil things. Set up the Pentax K30 with Sigma 10-20mm lens in drive mode with 25 second subs at iso 800 and let it run. Filled 8gb card between 23:00hrs and I packed in about 02:30hrs (ish). I have to say, I probably missed some with my wandering attentions and also occasionally turning the camera off for a few minutes here and there to let the sensor cool down. But on the whole I'm pretty pleased. Strangely enough, I did see two whilst looking completely the opposite way (south west) with the bino's fairly early on which came from the direction of Perseus, but were not in the camera's field of view. One off them was slightly orange in colour and I briefly made out what looked like smoke in its trail and it looked to me to be fairly low in the atmosphere. Maybe a couple of rogue meteors?? Anyway....
  14. I don't use Sony so can't assist with software I'm afraid. However, it would be worthwhile purchasing an intervalometer from somewhere (fleabay or similar) if you have an external jack to plug one into on your camera. I used one on my Canon before I got Back Yard Eos and it is easy to set up and use. I'm pretty sure you can get them to fit most cameras with a socket to plug it into.
  15. Those galaxies are looking super sharp to me. Tremendous effort given the amount of atmosphere and airborne gunk you need to shoot through. Very good stuff !!
  16. 130 PDS is ace. I had a crack at the bubble last year just before I sold mine but got nothing close to this (clouds if I recall correctly). Very cool
  17. There should be an attachment with it for using 1.25" eyepieces and if I remember rightly, it does extend the focal plane slightly which is why it wont focus with the smaller EP's but will with the 2" EP. I sold my 130 PDS last year, but do recall it will prime focus with DSLR straight into the focuser tube with no adapters etc. Oh and another thing, stars are a lot further off than 2 or 3 miles so I think you'll find it will focus fine with a little bit of travel remaining left too.
  18. I absolutely love shots like this - superb depth and looks like something you might see in our own night sky next to the moon! Brilliant.
  19. That is very good Juan. Very good!
  20. I had forgotten about this thread In the end as much as I loved the 130PDS and the results it gave me, I opted to go smaller to lessen the weight on the mount and give a wider FOV for DSO work and purchased a TS 65mm quadruplet refractor. The mount doesn't appear to notice the difference in autoguide accuracy and stress and still goes for ages (I once tried a 15 minute sub, which had zero trailing!) But what I have gained is an easier scope to move about which provides superb subs now with my full spectrum EOS 500D and CLS CCD filter fitted. Still using the EQ3 Pro which guides absolutely fine! Problem now is, I cannot seem to get a clear night anymore. I seem to be at work on either noons or nights whenever the stars are out. When I'm off, it is cloudy. Go figure
  21. Superb - magazine worthy indeed. I don't think I've managed 30 hours in total this last 18 months never mind on one subject. Very well done
  22. I never tire of seeing good quality images of this region. Lovely stuff, cheers for posting Paul. You are right about the framing of the second image, but that is beyond your control, so don't be too harsh. The colours are very good. Nice one
  23. Very nice colours there Chris. Just goes to show what some perseverance achieves even under light polluted skies. Me, I just can't seem to get past the omnipresent cloud
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