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    My efforts

    Modest set up = modest images, but I do love the chase!!
  2. Welrod50

    M31 12.11.13

    From the album: My efforts

  3. Welrod50


    From the album: My efforts

  4. Oh wow.... This is finished! Needs nothing else to my eyes - this looks fabulous!!! So much depth it looks like we are peering through a hole in space and time. Very good
  5. For what it's worth I agree. To me looks ever so slightly over sharpened (but I am no astro imaging expert!!). However, I do love seeing the veil in wide field. Looks like it blew apart just yesterday. Thanks for sharing
  6. What beautiful star colours. I'm very jealous
  7. That's got some real depth to it - well done indeed. Me personally - I think the contrast is bob on. My monitor is calibrated and to me it looks ok.
  8. 'Eggy stars' (?!) Yeah right What a stunning image. I had a crack at this a while back when I first got my TS 65mm quad but alas, got nowhere near the depth of this (although I did only manage about 2hrs worth). It's crying out for a mosaic to include the other nebulosity creeping in from bottom right !!
  9. That's a superb image. I wouldn't worry about the double spikes - they are not that easy to notice really. Very eyecatching indeed. I haven't taken 18 hours worth of subs this year for all my imaging runs combined, so you've done very well with this. An image to be proud of I would say!
  10. First colour image looks promising. The second sub looks to me like iffy guiding. The third is most likely wind. I sometimes get subs like these, usually if PHD/the mount decides to have a minute off and just stop tracking for some reason (rarely). The stars are all distorted in the same direction quite uniformly, suggesting to me tracking error. In my own personal experience, I generally get subs like the second one if I get wind shear. Usually if it's cable snag, tracking will discontinue quite noticeably, but that's just what I've found. To be fair, if you've lost quite a few subs I would suggest tracking/guiding error and stiff breeze. Are the ones you discarded later on the imaging run or first off? That will give you a better clue about what's what.
  11. That's how it all begins! Get ready for the imaging bug to truly bite
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