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  1. Just a thought regards earlier post about the camera/usb possibly playing up... I used to use a 550d modded with a 130PDS on an EQ3 Pro a few years ago before I sold the lot to help with costs of our wedding but before doing so and after some frustration with the camera conking out randonly both when just connected and also whilst usong BYE, I discovered that when using a 10 metre USB extension cable for some reason the distance to camera seemed to lower the signal/output and after I replaced it with a usb cord with 'signal booster' attachment (still really cheap on fleabay) the problem immediately went away. Worth a try??! Scott
  2. Cheers James. I have thought of that already - basically taking off a bit at a time so I don't go too far. I guess I'm just looking for a solid start point as it will need to be a precision job and the more times I have to cut, the more times I can [removed word] it up
  3. I always found trying to focus with a DSLR/lens very finnicky. I also found that setting the lens to 'infinity' very often was not 100% accurate. Best advice I can suggest is turn AF off and just use manual focus, set to infinity and be prepared to adjust the focus ring a tiny amount each time. I once used a 70-300 on a Pentax DSLR and ended up making my own Bahtinov mask to achieve focus but even then it was a faff. You might struggle with an 18-55 unless you can zoom right in on live view?
  4. Hello all. As a lifelong stargazer and previous participant in the great halls of SGL, I have returned to the fold and very quickly encountered an 'issue' I'm hoping to get some kind advice on please?? So firstly...hello again everyone. It's nice to be back I took a couple of years away from this brilliant hobby fully intending to get back in again when the time was right. Well, in January I was involved in an accident and had a serious leg fracture. I treated myself to a fairly cheap, but enjoyable Celestron LCM 80 to do a bit of visual from the confines of the back garden whilst mincing about on crutches and one thing led to another... I have since added an ST80, all manner of EP's and bought a cheap but strangely enjoyable Bresser Skylux 70/700. As a previous practicer of the dark arts, I ended up adding a camera into the mix and have taken some half decent 30 sec subs & got some pleasant enough shots of a few DSO's. Now, my problem that I'm hoping to get some tips on is this... I've decided to cut the Bresser down a bit. I have an Orion flip mirror (mirror box is 3 inches long) and when rigged up, all is within the weight limit of the LCM but I just don't quite have the inward focuser travel needed to bring the EP/camera to focus. I reckon a bit of careful cutting of the optical tube will do the trick, but my query is this. If I'm about 1" shy of focus with the flip mirror, can I take off 4 inches without ruining the scope?? I'm thinking the length of the mirror box will cancel out the shortening of the OTA and the extra inch will allow the whole thing to focus with minimal outward travel - keeping it stable. I've already cleaned & blackened the lenses and modified the rack & pinion to make it stiffer, more stable and generally better to use. I know there is maths involved but rather than give myself a headache, I thought I'd come to you guys again. And before anyone laughs about using the LCM for AP, having been the proud (and sometimes frustrated) owner/user of an autoguided EQ rig before I know what the LCM mount will and wont do, and its surprisingly good fun getting some 30 sec subs with a rig that takes me about 3 minutes to set up and take apart. All suggestions welcome. And it's good to be back. Clear skies Scott Cloudy Stoke on Trent
  5. Thanks to some of the kind members here I have sold some of my stuff this week, and still have my OTA, mount, autoguide kit and camera still for sale. I invite all to check the kit out and see if any of what's left fits your needs.... Clear skies Scott
  6. Thank you for all the kind words folks, it is very much appreciated. I will actually stick around here anyway from time to time to 'keep my eye in' so to speak. I also still have my OTA, imaging rig, mount & full spectrum DSLR for sale, so if you wish to have a look, or spread the word that would be good Clear skies ...........
  7. Thanks very much. I most certainly will return to!!
  8. Cheers Ant. I'm hopeful it wont be too long. I plan on kicking the boy out when he turns 18 and the future Mrs T had a habit of kicking me out into the garden when Holby came on, so it all works/worked rather well. See you around soon Scott.
  9. Started as visual, and quickly morphed into imaging. Still got the bino's though and an intervalometer for the Pentax DSLR so can still have a play where necessary
  10. Thanks dave, Well 2017 for me is the year of marriage and a certain boy turning 17 and wanting driving lessons and a car. I may need to sell my parents aswell as my astro gear at this rate!
  11. Thanks Pete, I've been fascinated by the stars since I was a small boy, so will be coming back in the future, of this I am absolutely certain. Clear skies
  12. All, It is with a heavy heart I have decided to sell my whole astro kit. Working shifts and normal daytime photography (when I can), and the impending marriage to my lovely better half this coming December dictate that it's time to say tatty-bye for now. I have listed my stuff in the classifieds for all to nosey at. I plan on hanging around still from time to time and checking out the great images posted by the other practicers of the 'dark art' of guided imaging. So see you all around and clear skies!!! Scott
  13. Hi Dave. I'm like you - work shifts and have to dodge clouds when I'm able to get out. Welcome aboard
  14. The best scope is the one you use Welcome aboard (again).
  15. Dyu know, Kemble's Cascade is a really colourful and interesting formation which I first saw noted on an episode of S@N last year and I was rather taken with it then. Beautiful colours - as noted already, great idea!!
  16. Superb depth, contrast and clarity. I like lots !!
  17. Chris, this is a superb final image. How on earth do you manage to get 20 hrs worth of clear skies????? I haven't managed to get 20 hrs worth of subs since I started out (although working shifts doesn't help). Brilliant image, thanks for sharing it
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