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  1. I can't believe this, I asked ebay to look into it after the seller became unhelpful and they made a decision in his favour, as it may not be in the same condition in which is was received, only because I mentioned attempting to clean with soapy water that the seller claimed it would damage it when it didnt and all advice on online doesnt advise against it, its ridicous that they seemed to take his word for it when he has already been proven not to know what he's taking about when he was unaware of the lacquer coating.
  2. Thats alright, to be honest chances were that you wouldnt have all you need and I intend to get a full refund and buy another one from a different seller.
  3. Yeah, I should have taken a closer look at the photo's as mine looks dull without the shine, I'm just waiting to hear back from him, really I've got the evidence to back up what I'm saying, and I can get a replacement from ebay that seems to be from a seller that knows what he's talking about.
  4. Got a reply from the seller, he's still adament that he is correct, I think its a simply a case he didn't know its lacquered and perhaps got rid of the coating causing the a lot of it to be become corroded. Never mind how the base plate looks pitted... "'I'm sorry, but you are wrong. The product is as described.Pictures listed were taken just before listing and packing,and clearly show some tarnishing. This can be removed with specialist brass cleaner(like Brasso).Tarnishing is corrosion / oxidisation of the brass, which occurs naturally to all brass products over time.This is not damage. In
  5. That would be very kind of you, I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet might send it back if he accepts returns, otherwise I will keep it and try to find the replacement parts, the problem with that is there is quite a few to replace.
  6. Yeah I'm just awaiting his response, really while I can look into relacquering it, I shouldn't have to as it was described as like new, so even if the seller refuses to help I've uploaded photos to ebay resolutions which is my proof its not as described and they will refund me. I might look into replacing some of the damaged parts, but the problem with that its all the planet arms, 3/8 of the planet gears and most of the smaller gears as well, would be costly with ebay prices.
  7. The photo's on ebay really didnt show any of what I saw when it arrived. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Eaglemoss-build-a-model-solar-system-motorised-solid-brass-orrery-amp-magazines-/251587337148?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEWNX%3AIT&_trksid=p2047675.l2557&nma=true&si=LvwBl4GrLJve70nXwrqm2xrIxGQ%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc And the seller says ""Hi, firstly my description of the item is actually correct, the item is as new and has been stored safely away for a while, having had little or no use. The item is made of solid brass, therefore, unless brass is cleaned on a very regular basis, i
  8. Hmm I had one when they first came out, sold it later as had no place for it but regretted it. Heck regretted getting this as on the same day on ebay there was a auction for complete unopened magazines with Orrery unassembed and it finished after mine did for a cheaper price. AT least with ebay I can take it up with them if the seller doesn't help me with this.
  9. Hello, I've recently bought from ebay a complate Orrery that you could make from the magazine, its made out of a mixture of brass and brass plate, but I'm not happy with what I received. It was described as new, but I feel that several parts are marked / pitted, and upon contacting the seller he just says its just a bit tarnised and needs some cleaning. So I'm wondering if anyone can take a look at the photo's I took and tell me what you think?
  10. Well okay, recommandations for viewing the planets better? even with my highest EP (5mm) Saturn was rather small, would a Barlow help? And any other good targets for viewing in a light polluted town?
  11. Thought I'd post a report of my first proper night out with my new Skywatcher 250PX FlexTube GOTO. And also ask for ideas on what's next? in terms of targets and also other pieces of kit is useful. This time it was seated on some decking and had plenty of room. Alignment was fine (really like the Laser Colli by Baader Planetarium). This night I think Saturn was clearer the rings were more defined, and could see more detail on the planet itself. (Through it was rather small even with a 5mm, think I need a Barlow of a smaller EP as well) I picked a list of targets to see, couldnt make out M51,
  12. I got myself a new telescope yesterday and with half decent sky tonight I took it out for the first time. With a Skywatcher 250 PX FlexTube GOTO, how important is it to have the mount resting on level ground. I had on a lawn that is at a downward angle of at least 10 degrees. I wasnt quite sure of the alignment, but it found Saturn's general location. All in all I'm rather impressed with it so far, like the Goto mount, the collapsing dob is nifty and collimation is easier with easy adjusting screws at the back of the primary mirror. I am very hopeful I should be able to see more out of thi
  13. Hello, I am seriously considering getting the Skywatcher scope as to me it the best of both worlds for aperature size/weight and GOTO I eventually got the hang of Celestron C6 with its Polar Alignment but did notice even after proper collimination the only good views I had were of the moon and Jupiter/Saturn. Even with a proper alignment I found myself unable to see any things like galaxys or nebulas, (Andromeda was just a smudge I'm wondering if it was because its a 6" or because of light pollution (always used a backgarden for viewing) I've previously had a 10" Dob and found it a lo
  14. Last night I finally got my Celestron C6 NGT working, and I left the mount itself outside to keep the polar alignment (the one thing thats tricky for me) So I'm wondering whats a good idea to look at?
  15. I saw Jupiter for the first time, and what a site it was, I was going to attempt to align my C6 NGT, but just looked at Jupiter instead, but I was in the middle of aligning and trying to find Vega, hmm couldnt see anything bright, I think next time I got to make sure its polar aligned properly, which is difficult as the lense is so small...
  16. I'm going to give it a go tonight near Sheffield, recently got a replacement power cable so see if I have a better night then I have done before. Fancy seeing Jupiter for the first time...
  17. Cheers matey, I had put the bag in the bin.. whew, that was close....
  18. I got issues 8 - 11 today as well, do me a favour? Issue 8 is meant to come with 6 Steel Bearings.. Mine didnt does yours?
  19. Aye I will be doing it, it looks very nice.
  20. Aha, I got them today. They have been kind with what is included with issues 48-51, its all the parts you need except for the plug which comes in the next issue... Nice
  21. Well my magzines still haven't come, so I'm going to email them. But theres been further updates to the new orbiter site. I think the model doesnt really demonstrate how complex it is at first glance, they posted a video that explains more. Take a look :
  22. Is it just me or is this months dispatch rather late? The site quotes the 11th as the date for sending, and they took the money last week. I hope theres no problems with my post...
  23. Thanks for all the advice, I certainly agree I should give my current scope a proper testing. And really get used to it, but maybe consider keeping the mount and upgrading the OTA at some point.
  24. I've got a 6" Celestron NGT and been able to get it working fine just once... with all the poor weather in South Yorkshire. I just had the bright idea of selling it and getting a 12" truss Dobsinian, now of course I havent given it much of a testing yet but the idea of doubling the aperature is so damn tempting... Maybe its best to think about it next year.
  25. Thanks for all the advice. I got a bonus coming up and might get myself a new OTA, perhaps a skywatcher 8" or 10" newtonian
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