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  1. You could try something like this Roll Away Building Observatory - IceInSpace Regards Acrux
  2. I run a mac powerbook so I am using ImageJ64. You make a stack from the images and then use the create a montage menu. I would love to do this process with the raw files however I end up running out of memory. ImageJ Oh yea its a java program
  3. Thanks for the comments all
  4. 1000D thru 72mm 26Jun10 8pm till about 11 pm, full image taken about 10:45
  5. Had plans to do the same image last night but alas the cload rolled in.
  6. Canon 1000d ISO 800 72mm refractor (moon2) Same image with curves done (moon 1)
  7. Yep the large white star tails on the right are the southern cross (crux)
  8. Thanks guys. Now I know where th southern celestrial pole is at my dark sky site.
  9. Sweeeeeeeeet scope there Paul, good to see something so unique. Good luck with the Dob by the way. I know what you mean by addictive I have just started my Dob and its a struggle each day to not be day dreaming of my next step in the build.
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