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  1. Just to update on progress: 1. Stellarium ocular plug-in first came out with version 0.11.0 which needs mac os 10.5 to work. Unfortunately I run os 10.4.11 and can't upgrade, so the version of Stellarium I am using - 0.10.2 - is the newest compatible one. So no further help there unforunately. 2. Star diagonal on order so this will help. 3. Astro-baby's point about rotating the tube in it's rings is helpful. I have experimented a bit and have on order some self adhesive teflon tape which I intend to stick on the inside of the tube rings instead of the tatty felt and also on the opposing surfac
  2. Thanks Derek Stellarium's forum hasn't answered my query yet. As you suggest, I have done several downloads but all versions newer than the one I'm using are incompatible. So until I have to upgrade the whole computer for other reasons I will continue trying to visualise the view in my head.
  3. I've been recommended to use the Stellarium oculars function to customise the view for particular eyepeices. However I'm finding it very difficult to find details of older version compatibility on either the Stellarium website (http://www.stellarium.org/) or the download portal, forceforge (https://sourceforge.net). I am using mac OS 10.4.11 and Stellarium 0.10.2 which works fine The most current version of Stellarium is 0.12.1 but it needs mac OS 10.6 The earliest ocular plugin seems to have been available for Stellarium 0.11.1 I can't find out a) whether 0.11.1 works with mac OS 10.4.11 or
  4. Thanks for all these comments - things to work on there. It's reassuring to here that others-not just beginners - have the same difficulty. I'm using a 10" Newtonian with a red-dot finder, a lowpower finder, and a high power finder. By working sequentially I can align the scope onto a target. I am using Stellarium on a laptop. How can I customise it as you sugest - this sounds useful. Thanks Schorhr, I didn't know this facility was available. I'll investigate. Thanks ; I think I knew really that this is the right answer! Using a correcting prism somehow seems like cheating. How does this
  5. Taking SGL at its word that there is no question too stupid to ask ... I am gradually learning to recognise the brightest stars and the constellations as seen with the naked eye, and so to try to navigate from a known point to find others. I have two related problems which I expect everyone has learned how to overcome so please can I tap into the collective experience. 1. The view through the telescope eyepeice is inverted and as it pans accross to find a target the view moves the "wrong" way. This I expected and for really distinctive objects like a planet I can cope, but I am finding it very
  6. I'm not sure how viewers of this navigate to the gallery album so here is a link in case it helps anyone -
  7. Sorry, not much help on this yet as I have no experience of other proper mounts. I have stripped the gearing down too and cleaned and recoated with teflon spray. So far it performs brilliantly, but as I say I have nothing to compare to. There is a slight delay when using the motors to move the scope but it does so very smoothly and as far as I can tell it automatically tracks very well and again very smoothly. I have yet to align the polar axis accurately so I don't expect it to track exactly yet. The whole thing feels very heavy duty and substantial - it certainly is well engineered and made
  8. adam from dorset

    My "observatory"

    The field, the views, the pod and the scope.
  9. This has been a long slow haul but I am finally up and running. I have posted an album of photos in the gallery. I joined this forum over a year ago and have found it immensley interesting and helpful. When I posted a few preliminary questions I got some useful answers and was asked to let SGL know when it was finally working - so here it is by way of a thank you, and maybe I can help others with my experience of this project. As a 'newby' I'm now learning my way round the equipment (and the sky) but seting up the "observatory" is about there. I have had a Tasco 70mm refractor for 30 years and
  10. As usual when you ask the question in the right way it begins to answer itself! Andy's comment sent me back to double check. A more systematic check of the actions of the various combinations lead to the following : - north/south buttons alter the DEC, moderated by x1.3 , x2 or x10 speeds, regardless of the other settings. This would be to help you to home in on a target? - with the centre switch to QUARTZ the east/west buttons speed and slow the RA tracking whilst held down, and ADJUST VFO has no discernible effect. Same benefit? Should it go backwards as well in that case? Or is this just to
  11. Thanks to Capricorn and Andrew S for these comments. Variable Frequency Oscillator sounds very plausible. I had explored the AWR website and manuals and details are available for some controllers but not this one that I could find. The second link Andrew has posted doesn't seem to work. I have emailed AWR but no response yet - I will try to phone in due course as they seem to have a very helpful attitude. Maybe others can explain the way to use a Variable Frequency Oscillator control. There must be lots of enthusiastic Fullerscope users out here.
  12. I am getting a second hand 10" fullerscope on a Mk 3 mount back into operation. I am having difficulty understanding the mode of use of the hand controller - an AWR HC300. Everything seems to work, but it isn't clear what the controls do. Can anyone direct me to a "users manual" or similar? Or can someone who uses one explain it to me? There are four butons: east and west control the RA motor - so far so good. North and south don't have any discernable effect. The DEC motor ticks over gently all the time - fine. At the bottom are three controls: left a dial marked "x1.3" , "x2" , "x10" . These
  13. I'm about to take on a project with a 10" Fullerscope so I/m interested to hear how you have got on with this one. Can you post the link to this re-coating firm please - I've seen prices closer to £100 so this could be very useful.
  14. Thanks Chris, but Enniskillen is a bit too far! Thanks for the advice. Sorry to ask, but as a bit of a newby; what is an EP?
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