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  1. I'm quite lucky living in Wrexham as it's only about a half hour drive to some darker skies. Recently went camping to shell island and it was the clearest i've ever seen the Milky Way. Sadly we didn't take the scope and i somehow took the bino's case without the binos being in there.
  2. Saw this on my way to work at 5:45, looked great!
  3. The first photo looks like the meteor, the others i can't really see anything on.
  4. http://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wales-news/beautiful-northern-lights-pictured-over-6494891 Taken from the local papers site in North Wales
  5. that's bad news! where abouts in Snowdonia did you head to? me and a few mates are thinking of wild camping up in the Carneddau some point.
  6. saw one tonight while driving home from band practice at 22:17 very bright and low on the NE horizon!
  7. I've managed to see Venus a few times during the day through the bino's but didn't think it possible to see any other planets. Thanks for the heads up, hopefully there's some clear skies.
  8. Anything by Boards of Canada [mediahttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtU_qAM7bIc]
  9. Always love the dark skies in the Canaries. Fuertuventura's clear skies are amazing at night!
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