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  1. Hi Freddie, it was bringing up the error message as soon as I hit the Register button, so it seems as if it was rejecting the frames from the start. However, things have moved on! I decided to see if I could narrow it down to maybe one or two frames that were causing the problem. I unchecked all, then checked all flats, darks and bias frames, then one light, hit register, and it started registering no problem. Then repeated this, adding 5 more lights, again no problem. Carried on 5 at a time, and all worked, right up to me adding all of the original frames! Ended up with a normal, stacked imag
  2. Hi Freddie, the images all seem exactly the same, 5184x3456 pixels. I'm stacking 37 lights,13 darks, 23 bias and 20 flats. The 'scores' for the lights on DSS range from 26 to 117, number of stars frm 8 to 20. I notice that the dX and dY columns are all NC though, not sure if this is usual. At a bit of a loss with this one....
  3. Definitely, and it says so in the image table in DSS. These are my first from my modded 600d, with an Astronomik CLS filter. Apart from looking a bit red they look pretty good.
  4. Hi Bsdgerchap, Success with lading DSS 3,3,3, using winrar. Many thanks! Pics all loaded now and look complete and the right way round. So now I hit the start register button and I'm getting the error message 'the checked pictures are not compatibles (width, height, number of colors, number of channels, only one master dark,offset and flat' whaaa ???
  5. As usual for me, easier said than done. The link downloads a rar file, but I can't open it. Any ideas how to?
  6. Thanks all. I've checked and its version 3.3.2 I'm using. It worked fine on my previous PC and camera.... I'll try the link you sent.
  7. Having been offline for a few weeks for a summer break, I fired up my new laptop and downloaded my first images from my new modded Canon 600D....and have an immediate problem with DSS. For some reason, every image (lights, flats, darks etc.) seem to have been imported as a narrow, vertical, rectangular crop of the image, about 30% of the originals. All settings seem the same as on my old computer, so I haven't a clue what's going on. Hopefully the attached printscreen will show what I mean. Anyone any thoughts? DSS printscrn.docx
  8. Thanks for all of the help and tips guys, it has given me a lot to work with.
  9. Thanks Paul, I will look into this when I get home!
  10. Thanks guys, looks promising. I'm going for a new laptop rather than an old, Gina, as it will also be the family PC and it needs to have good longevity. Anyone have any sparkling recommendations in the range of £500?
  11. Aenima, I'm far from being an expert, but from a cursory look on the web it seems a white card is good, but the grey card is spot on...
  12. I think I'll try the custom white balance method with the grey card, but should I leave the CLS filter in the camera when taking the shots of the card in sunlight? I think I'll have the CLS filter in most of the time when astroimaging.
  13. Hi all, I'm about to invest in a laptop for astroimaging (camera control and processing) but I noticed all in the high street now come with Windows 8. Will my favourite programmes (Deep Sky Stacker, Gimp, Pixinsight) all run OK? I've looked on the web and seen mixed opinions.
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