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  1. I'll be following this thread with interest and learn. How long did it take to generate this spectrum? Roughly.... Just downloaded Spectroscopic Atlas from Richard Walkers's page. Shame the tutorial is not in English
  2. No, we don't! But it might be good for promoting SGL and for those who prefer Facebook to forums. I closed my Facebook account a few months ago as I did not like the way Facebook works and did not have the time to go *also* onto Facebook. I'm struggling to keep up with the forums as it is, let alone going onto Facebook. (I've been listening to the audio version of the story about Facebook: interesting story and look at Facebook now. WoW!Amazing! -- sorry, I've digressed )
  3. Downloading now from iPlayer. Cheers!
  4. In terms of 'doom & gloom' I think that the series 'Planets', also on iPlayer (it's gone now ) fares much better and the background music is not cheerful at all. Really depressing In terms of content, 'Planets' has a lot more information than 1st episode of 'Wonders of Universes'. But what's wrong with explaining the public about entropy' ??? Should the general public be 'protected' by lingo mostly known to those who've had a short encounter with Physics or Chemistry? I don't think so. As long as the explanation is clear and not overwhelming, then knowlege can never be too much In my humble opinion of course ...
  5. It's been ideal for me after today's Maths test A little slow to put the message across - Time, entropy, how the Universe will end, et all - but the show was filled with stunning images that I wish I had a large screen TV. A piece of photographic art on TV, I should say. Very well done. No, I don't think that this episode was about all doom & gloom, rather it appears to me that Dr Cox is laying the foundations for the next episode which, hopefully, will be a bit more dynamic, not as slow.
  6. It's on iPlayer and downloading it now-YeY I'll be watching it tomorrow I will need to chill out after Maths test
  7. I've just noticed that the new series by Dr Brian Cox is on tonight, on BBC2, at 9pm. Click there for details --> BBC - BBC Two Programmes - Wonders of the Universe I don't watch TV so I'll have to wait for episodes to be made available on iPlayer...hope so... All those who'll be watching tonight's first episode, 'Destiny', enjoy
  8. Sure, let's go .... it's going to take lots of buskin before I can book the trip
  9. The sun is shining brightly here in London so we might have clear skies tonight. Would we see some Northen Lights here in the South....???
  10. Start thinking, here's your chance to solve a big problem Will you find out if you watch the program? Don't know but give it a go. You don't have to ....
  11. Watch this by Dr Maggie Adering-Pocock. It's great! Sorry I'm getting both excited and emotional about this.... Left-click here-->BBC iPlayer - Do We Really Need the Moon?
  12. I've just finished watching this stunningly beatiful and interesting program presented by Dr Maggie Adering-Pocock. It was also very inspiring to hear a woman perspective about the role the Moon has on our planet, as well as the benefits of going back to the Moon. I agree with Dr Adering-Pocock with the fact that's it's been a mistake to have abandoned the idea of returning to the Moon. I don't see why we are spending a lot of resources on Mars when we could first develop Moon bases with solar power plants to provide the entire energy requirement on Earth, hence saving us resources down here. Then, we can explore Mars. But the Moon ought to come first. Left-click here--->BBC iPlayer - Do We Really Need the Moon? Enjoy the program and bravo! to Dr Maggie Adering-Pocock
  13. ...don't know I'll take note of above, search & ponder... Cheers!
  14. ... just wandering... is anyone using a digital camcorder for spectral analysis? The reason I'm asking is because I've been thinking of getting a digital camcorder (under £200 range) for music stuff I do, and if I could use the same camcorder for spectroscopy then I won't need extra equipment apart from the lens and some software). ... any thoughts..... P.S. Since I'll be going to Astrofest, I'm getting as much info as possible before I dig a hole in the credit card.... or should I leave it home?
  15. I did find the title a little odd but I suspect the title was created to make a point, maybe.... How did I get into Astronomy? Well, I've always had a passion for the Sciences since very early age (6 years or so...) , Astronomy being one of them. But when I was home-educating, my daughter about 4 years ago, and she expressed the desire to learn Astronomy, I had to brush up on the Math and the Physics resulting in awakening an old passion My daughter has now moved on from wanting to be an Astrophysicist, but I'm still hanging in there. I call it 'escapism' It's a big place out there ...
  16. No I don't have a DSLR camera at the moment. Mmm...that would be very portable indeed and looking at the images you posted there's not a lot needed...good , ok...I'll think about it... cheers!
  17. I've just noticed this thread. What's the name of the app? because I cannot see the barcode when I left-click on the image. I'll try it
  18. Thank you John & Macavity your advise. I think one of my major hurdles is that I don't have a telescope....now, that's a problem....unless I find robotic sites which offer spectroscopy at reasonable price.... But, are there any pictures of a typical (minimal) set up I could look at?
  19. I've done a few courses with OU ( the most recent ones, between 2008 and last year, being MST221 and SXR207; in previous years, S102, S268,S267,MST121, T237). I've just registered for S197, 'How the Universe Works' mainly to keep in the uni-loop and on the topic before moving onto the heavyweights S282 & S283. I did 'Introduction to Astronomy' with Liverpool John Moores University but the credits, sadly , cannot be carried over to OU degree. Part of me has been thinking quite a bit about this and wondering if I should continue with the degree route. I could just do courses with LJMU which are a lot more chilled out, with lots of practical exercises and enjoy the learning ... I'll think about it a bit more. I'm quite discouraged after SXR207: lots of work & money but not very rewarding in the end. If I stay on S197, I'll be taking the 5 months route.
  20. I came across this article this morning --> New Type Of Entanglement Allows 'Teleportation in Time,' Say Physicists - Technology Review It seems to me that the experiment has not been carried out yet, so it's all theoretical and there's only 1 dimension of space and 1 of time......
  21. Where's that telescope? I want one and possibly the portable version Ok, so if the alien astronmer is looking back in time and suddently both of you are staring at each other through the 'scopes but he's 12 million years ahead, then we on Eartch are behind in time. So, he's looking at his past while you're looking at his future. WoW! It's fenomenal ... and mind bending
  22. Actually, I had often thought about Spectroscopy so as to apply some of the Maths & Physics I know, but I'm not sure that Cert High level of Physics & Maths are enough Also, where would I start....? Don't know...and the costs of equipment?
  23. I have not received mine yet but I did receive an email a week explaining the delay.
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