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  1. Thanks for the book recommendation, for now i'm quite happy playing around with PI. May look at books when I get deeper into it. Made improvements to my image, and because of all the clear nights I have started on the Cigar Galaxy too.
  2. Wim, that's fantastic! Thanks, it shows me what to work towards with my image processing. I only installed PI on the weekend, so looking forward to achieving results like that
  3. I kept trying with Photometry-Based Color Calibration and got it working, I had incorrect pixel size.
  4. Okay, so last night was clear And I have more subs. I have stacked them again. I also took more darks for good measure. I combined the channels in Pixinsight, however don't yet know how to bring the colours out...? Using the gimp I can, though would like to do it all in PI eventually. I tried Photometry-Based Color Calibration but got errors, see below.? Getting there... Thanks! B_new.TIF G_new.TIF R_new.TIF L_new.TIF
  5. Okay Great result! Yes I agree, more subs. I shall try your process. Still a lot more to learn but I'm getting there. Thanks for the help, it means a lot!
  6. Given your advice about B and G being the same, i have had more luck with the new DSS generated frames! Still getting to grips with image processing, so happy to hear more suggestions.
  7. Hi, I have generated new LRGB from DSS. As far as I can tell, they are using the correct files. B.TIF G.TIF R.TIF L.TIF
  8. Okay, interesting... I will regenerate them more carefully and repost them. Thanks again!
  9. Hi, all images are taken at -20. I have dark's for all my light exposure times. I will investigate the inverted vignetting, and double check DSS to make sure its using the correct files. Thanks for you help!
  10. Hi, I have taken mono LRGB images of M51 with my new ASI1600mm-PRO. I have a mix of 30s, 60s, 120s subs. 100 darks, and 100 flats for each filter. About 4 hours total. I Used DSS for alignment and stacking, then Pixinsight for LRGB combination. My issue is that i'm not happy with the colours, the stars all appear white and the background is strange. I have attached the Aligned LRGB images. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks! Green.TIF red.TIF Lum.TIF B.TIF
  11. Hey, thanks for everyones help. So 7 sheets of A3 and 10 second exposure. I have a flat!! Now I just have to take 20 of each filter!
  12. Something to experiment with. Do you know whether tshirts or paper work better? I may have to go cloths shopping
  13. Thanks! no hurry. I will do some experimenting tomorrow hopefully, providing work hast zapped all my energy. Are you getting good results with your setup?
  14. Celestron C11 SCT with 0.5 focal reducer and Celestron OAG
  15. Thanks, markus, mine is also first gen. Do you have an example flat file you could share so I can compare? I was thinking of using my PC monitor as an adjustable light source, do you think that would work?
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