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  1. I will get this confirmed and let you know
  2. Wow, didn’t even think of that one! Interesting option, thank you. The idea was, as the Cem70g has built in WiFi as well as a long usb cable, I would mainly be inside remotely controlling it. Same concept but without the third party windows laptop if you get my meaning.
  3. Hi Everyone, evening to you all, I have looked on the forum and searched the internet for a simple answer but yet to find one so am asking the question in the hope that someone or many people have experience or is experiencing this and has an answer. I have purchased the new iOptron’s CEM70g mount along with tri-pier, I’m using MacOS for operation but there are limited softwares available for certain operations. I have heard that Parallels is and can be used to run the windows based programs. My questions are; Which software/s do you use for imaging, capturing and processing (pre & post)? Which do you use for iPolar (or other polar alignment? Which do you use for iGuiding or other guiders? Last but not least, can windows based apps be used via Parallels on MacOS without the need for downloading the current Windows OS? I appreciate everyone has there own preferences so am expecting a broad answer but it will aid me in making my mind up. Currently I have already downloaded and can use on the MacBook, ZWO Asistudio, Phd2, SkySafari Pro 6, Indigo server, FireCapture and oaCapture. I have downloaded but cannot use, IOptron iPolar software, IOptron ASCOM driver. Via Indigo or Zwo asistudio, I can open and use the iPolar. As always your help, advice, knowledge and experiences will be gladly welcomed, thank you all in advance.
  4. Any adapters required for mounting or is it a straight bolt on so to speak?
  5. I’m the same, just itching to pull the trigger! Flo have my sale for this as with all my astro gear. Just waiting for the listings because it’s never just a mount to buy. There’s always some accessory/accessories required.
  6. Thanks Neil, it’s a long story but I’ve been in preference for an updated mount to become available with usb3, the fact that it has a built in guider and comes with WiFi on the the G model makes it even more appealing. I too am looking forward to some initial reports especially regarding the I guider .
  7. I have nothing against AltairAstro whatsoever but all my equipment, shopping experiences, help, support, communication and guidance has been exceptional from FLO, so they will always have my my custom.
  8. Hi Flo, what’s he latest please? Just need to spend the pennies before the Mrs does thanks Richard.
  9. That’s really god to hear Steve, about being exceptionally busy, always good for business.
  10. Any update FLO on this being added to your website?
  11. That’s the idea. No additional guidescope but that’s on the assumption that the built in scope is capable of its job as good as an external one
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