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  1. You will find that no reputable US dealer will sell you a Celestron or Meade scope to ship to the UK as both companies restrict their dealers from doing so. I never said anything about shipping No, there are ways of getting it shipped or even picking it up, the main issue for me is warranty but as far as I have seen the warranty carries. The point I was making is that if I can save on gear from the US then I will. Ultimately I would prefer to buy from a UK based distributor, I did some price matching and quoting today and I'm getting to a level which I'm happy at. I now just have to make sure that the Celestron 800 is the right scope for me I'm still toying with another but that's another topic
  2. I'm about to buy my first scope, probably a Celestron CPC 800. I'll probably be speaking with Steve at FLO but unless he can offer some kind of deal I'll be buying it from a US supplier. The cost difference, after duty etc would buy a number of nice eyepieces, a torch, external power supply, a few books, binoculars and a full tank of petrol. The base price is about $1500 now. I think it's £1500 at FLO. I feel a bit sorry for UK retailers that have to buy at inflated prices but for me it's about getting value for money, and if I can get my iPod or bike or stereo etc at a 30% reduction by buying via the US then I will do.
  3. Thanks guys, it's all very exciting, the only downside is that the wife banned me from starting the new astronomy hobby I'd deci ded upon so now I just read about what everyone else is doing on here Apparently one the baby's here I won't have time to spend looking up at the sky, too many nappies to change apparently. So Sagan is nice, but different and shortening it to Sage doesn't work. Sage might I suppose. Selina is also nice. A friend suggested I look at names of moons or sattelites this morning, Thebe or Leda for example. So many to choose from
  4. Long time lurker here, I've been researching which scope to buy for about a year now so I've found this place really useful. However I have a slightly different need at the moment. I need some baby names, but the reason I'm positing here is that I'm trying to find a cosmological related name. There are some obvious ones and not so obvious, I've personally come up with Heidi (comet) and a friend suggested Sagan as a boy's first name (I like it although it's not directly cosmo related). So does anyone have any suggestions? The baby's due in 7 weeks and we don't know if it's a boy or girl so any help is much appreciated, planets, comets, universes, anything along those lines would be great. Spock, Sulu, Chekov or anything Star Trek related not required
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