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  1. Does anyone have experience using the TOaks H-A Prom filter and tuner? Or know of a site with images taken with it? Andy
  2. Not a patch on other postings but I'm pleased with this as it's my first planetary image for nearly a year. It's also a first light image for my recently acquired Equinox 120. It was always going to be a bit of a struggle to catch Mars with the 120 but things should get better as it grows a bit more and if I can get my hands on a more powerful barlow! Anyway, taken last night with a x2.8 klee barlow and an spc900 webcam. Cheers Andy
  3. Very nice indeed - possibly the best Mars I've seen this season! Andy
  4. Saturn's a toughy this time round and the dreaded seeing's been well, dreadful. Intes MK66 and x1.6 image mate. Cheers Andy
  5. Adjust your gain, as you suggested, and increase the number of frames you stack. Depending on the dreaded seeing and my ability to focus I normally would do about 250 out of 1000 or all over 98% quality. Don't think you've much to do based on those images... Nice!! Andy
  6. Well the snow clouds have cleared Edinburgh and the sky is nice and clear. Seeing isn't the best but here's one of my best of Hadley Rille - and a first light for the Intes MK-66 that I swapped with Phil. Oooh I'm going to like this scope!! Andy
  7. Outstanding - central rille in the Alpine valley, WOW!
  8. Great images - seeing must have been good too. I've had a bash on the moon with my 100 but never managed anything like these.
  9. Nice image. Your focus is good but with low altitude and atmospheric distortion, the image has a slight fuzz. Andy
  10. A fine show yesterday, caught these after work (about 18.00). Andy
  11. Not great seeing yesterday but here's a couple of proms. Andy
  12. Here's a shot of today's biggie. Taken about 10.15 this morning, windy so seeing wasn't great. But better than this afternoon - it's been snowing here in Edinburgh! Cheers Andy
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