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  1. Hi Tinker1947 I do not have any probem with the initial alignment, it's when i go back to my 1st star that i notice it is no longer central in the ep. i choose my 1st target star from the 2 star alignment menu, slew the scope to the area and then I use my Telrad Starfinder (this has been aligned to the scope) to locate the star, roughly centre it with my 20mm ep, then change to the 10mm and defocus it to create a larger image that fits within the ep view, this makes it easier to centre exactly. I choose my 2nd target, let the mount do its thing, then with the 10mm ep still in place i do the same as before, it then says "Alignment successful" It's when i return to the original star that i find it is not correctly centred, it is within the ep view, but not in the middle. If i adjust it, it throws my second star out of centre. I know the 1st star will have moved by the time i centre my 2nd star resulting in the misalignment of the 1st star, its how to overcome this that i need to know I would assume that any deviation from centre would or could result in a missed target when choosing an object from the menus on the handset or am i wrong in thinking this way? regards Spud
  2. Hi all Many thanks again for all the help that has been offered. I am very grateful that people like yourselves are willing to pass on your knowledge to come to the aid of beginners like me. regards Spud
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies, I realise from what you are all saying, that getting a level mount in the first place is very important for an accurate alignment, i have always concentrated on the accuracy rather than having a very level mount i guess i will also have to speed up on the second star alignment to reduce the "drift". i use a 20mm ep for my initial star, then replace it with a 10mm ep and "defocus" it so i can see a larger image which is then easier to centre, i do the same thing again on the second star, this is probably why i am taking too long. While writing this, i have just realised i am an idiot!!! I should of course start my 1st star alignment while viewing it, i have always started from a level position, chosen my 1st star from the menu, and then slewed to it, i know this won't speed up my 1st star aligmnent but it will speed up the whole process many thanks once again Spud
  4. I bought this mount almost a year ago now and have had a great deal of success with it, my only problem has been with the initial alignment. i can find 2 stars ok, but by the time i have done the alignment and centred on the 2nd star, i find if i go back to the 1st alignment star it is not quite centred anymore due to the time taken with the 2nd star (if all that makes sense!!) and if i centre the star with the directional arrows again, it throws everything out i am led to believe that there is a thing called "Backlash" in the setup menu on the handset that will solve this, but the manual doesn't tell me how to use it. Can anybody help me with this please, it is only a small problem but annoying Thank for reading this Spud
  5. Hi Alan Thanks very much for your reply, Unfortunately I dont have any electrical knowledge but given the information you supplied I am sure i can persuade somebody to build a drive for me (I hope!). As a rough estimate, how much does your motor drive cost to make? How much are you selling your old drive for? Kind regards Spud
  6. Hi all, this is my first visit to this site and I hope someone can give me some advice on upgrading the mount to a computerised model, I have had my scope for a year now and very quickly realised how fast the object moves out of view. So I don't have to manually track objects and also to find them in the first place I had what I think is a brilliant plan, get a computerised mount!!! I have two requests: Firstly where can I buy a fairly cheap mount I am not sure about compatability of the dovetail bar as the one I have is a bottom mount and not a side mount Please help
  7. The 2 eyepieces I have are 10mm and 20mm erecting eyepiece, I have turned the focus completely in and out and still cannot get an image without the shadow. Am I missing something?
  8. I have tried changing eyepieces but the shadows are still there, if i point at an object in daylight they disappear and I get a good clear image. I looked towards jupiter tonight and all I could see was a white blob with the shadow across it so I assume its due to the lack of light. I'll wait until the moon appears and try again
  9. thats exactly what it is, does not matter what magnification or which eyepiece i use, it's still there!! how do i solve this problem, it was my first time using the telescope and i was disapointed with the experience
  10. Cannot upload a pic. When viewing through the eyepiece it looks like a black circle with 3 lines coming from the centre that is blocking most of the object i am trying to see, it matches the plastic shape at the front of the light tube
  11. i have a AstroMaster 130 EQ and the eyepiece mirror mounts block most of the field of vision through the eyepiece, what's wrong? please help:confused:
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