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  1. So it seems that some people are going, i am not sure about how to get there myself from London, paying for the ticket is fine, but the trains are too expensive for me at the moment..
  2. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone from here is going to attend. http://iac.bakerstreetastro.org.uk/
  3. Thank you for all your thoughts, now it makes more sense to me, except the fact about the clouds, since what i originally meant was why when it is a clear night, the visibility is usually better because it is colder? i also thought that it might be because its much darker when its colder. what if you are in a dry place and its warm and clear? would the visibility be the same in that location as during a cold and clear night?
  4. Hello, this might be a stupid question, but i cannot figure it out. last week there were a couple of days with clear skies, and i've noticed that when it was hotter, so the visibility was much worse compared to a colder night. is this somehow related to pollution? or is it just because of the wind?
  5. thank you for the tip, i will try it when the weather conditions will allow it.
  6. thank you, i will probably get myself a TAL x2 barlow as well to try on my plossls and then i will know which ones i should sell and which ones i should keep... tried to find M87 a couple of days ago, i think i saw something faint that looked like a spiral in that region, but i dont think it was M87. is there an easy way to find it? should i go from Leo(denebola) or from Vindemiatrix? greetings
  7. Thank you for the explanation rwilkey, i will try unscrewing things gently today, its cloudy anyway i was a bit afraid to disassemble the EP, but now i know how to do it. greetings
  8. thank you for clarifying that, could you please explain how do these work? this was one of the reasons i decided to purchase the hyperion 17mm, but to be honest i do not completely understand how do those rings work, only that basically with them it would be the same as owning another eyepiece. so perhaps the ultimate option at the moment for me would be getting those Fine Tuning Rings and a TAL x2 barlow? greetings
  9. thank you very much for all the replies, i see that different people say different things. i did see the rings of saturn on a better night even with the 17mm eyepiece (although there were tiny) and even with the 32mm eyepiece i could clearly find saturn. now i understand that fog makes a huge difference ok, so now i am thinking if a x2 TAL barlow or baader hyperion 5mm would be a better choice? maybe i should try the barlow first, since i dont have any, and then i would be 100% sure if it is what i am looking for plus its half the price. and what does FTR mean? @ the warthog : so then 90x2 =
  10. thank you so much for the replies, i was just checking out the meade #127 adjusting barlow for 40gbp it seems not too bad, would that be a better choice rather than the TAL x2 Barlow? also are the skywatcher moon/planetary filters any good (costs 29.99 @ FLO i think)
  11. i am quite new to all of this and i have a f/10 refractor and just got a 17mm hyperion and its really nice and crisp compared to meade 4000 super plossl, but its really heavy and its hard for me to switch between the hyperion and a meade super plossl (even with a 40mm one!) but i managed to get a pretty decent picture of the moon through it, even with a simple camera.
  12. so that is my question, which barlow is good enough? i am thinking about the baader barlow, is that a good one? or am i better off with a baader hyperion 3.5mm (i already have a 17mm baader hyperion, for me its great!) or maybe someone has a better idea? thank you
  13. thank you very much for the fast replies! but i am still confused and i am trying to decide whether to go for a baader hyperion 3.5mm or some barlow, and if i do decide to go with some barlow, which one would be a good one? also x2 barlow would be good enough? how much different are the barlow types (x1.5 x2 x3?) i'd spend around 50-100gbp on a good quality barlow/ep for high magnification. (i really want to see saturn's rings and detail on mars)
  14. Hello all, i am new in here and new to astronomy, just got my first scope about 2 weeks ago. its a fairly old skywatcher refractor 910mm x 90mm it doesnt say what model it is and it is blue (that make its f/10 as far as i understand) on an equatorial mount (still struggling with it abit) it is quite old but i beleive it an eq2 thanks to the few recent clear skies, i started learning how to use my new telescope in my garden in greater london and i was trying my newly accuired EP's which are : Meade 4000 super Plossl 32mm,15mm,6.4mm and also a SWA 17mm which i found to be very comfortable for ce
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