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  1. I thought (and this could be me being stupid, so please say if it is, because its 90% of the reason for this reply!) that it wasn't possible to image the Veil or similar nebula with an un-modded Canon? I.e. because of the over-zealous cutoff of the IR filter fitted to them. Hence I've never tried.....
  2. Of course you can - I can also tell you how to find the right COM port... I am assuming you are using a Serial (RS-232) to USB converter.[list type=decimal] [li]Open Control Panel [/li] [li]Double Click System[/li] [li]Click the Hardware tab[/li] [li]Click Device Manager[/li] [li]Click the '+' next to Ports (COM & LPT)[/li] [li]You will see the list of available COM ports there (example Device Manager below)[/li] The COM port will always remain the same as long as it stays plugged into the SAME USB port, even if you are using a USB HUB. You can also find (as I did last night actually) that some applications (such as MaximDL) do not allow ports over a certain number (MaximDL allows up to COM13.) There is a way round this though - follow this procedure to allocate a COM port number. The system will remember it until you move the device to another USB port.[list type=decimal] [li]Right-Click on the COM port you wish to change (I've used one of my Bluetooth ports for this example, but the same applies to Serial -> USB converters)[/li] [li]Click Properties[/li] [li]Select the Port Settings tab[/li] [li]Click Advanced[/li] [li]Select the COM port number you wish to use from the drop down - you'll have to find a free one - see the picture below[/li] [li]Click OK twice to get back to the Device manager [/li] [li]Unplug and replug the Serial-USB converter, it should be recognised as the COM port you specified in the list [/li] (My system is jammed for COM ports, because I do alot of Serial work, yours should be alot free-er!)
  3. I was hoping that wasn't the case... Having to drag 2 leads instead of 1 when using the handbox is a bit of a pain. I like using both PC and handbox control interchangeably, you see... Ah well, I guess I will just have to learn to live with it once I finally manage to sell mine, and buy the EQ6.... In all other aspects it should blow my wedged LX away (I hope!) Thanks, Richie
  4. Hi Guys, Thats very helpful - thanks Another quick Q - where does the serial cable plugin to the system? Is there a RS-232 port on the mount, or does it plugin somewhere else? Cheers, Richie
  5. Hi All, I am hoping someone out there with experience of an EQ6 Pro can fill me in on how it connects to a PC? I assume it uses RS-232 serial connections. Also, can MaximDL drive an EQ6? I've been googling away without much luck on this one!! Thanks, Richie
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    Welcome - just joined myself - seem to be a good bunch
  7. Nice to see I'm not the only one who struggles with focus Naz, you beat me to it - here is the instructions I use: http://www.iceinspace.com.au/index.php?id=63,187,0,0,1,0 Its a nice easy way to construct one... Cheers, Richie
  8. Hi Gurney, Sure - its here: http://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=19227 Flo: I have the LX200R, which comes with an electronic focuser. I do lock the mirror, and focus using that to bring things into focus. The problem here is that at 2.5m focal length getting good focus for imaging is very very exact and difficult. Even with the 0.63 Focal Reducer on, its tricky. Most of the problem is that the skies above England are just too turbulent with the Jetstream most of the time. Of course, I should mention here that the optics themselves are pristine, and produce beautiful visual (and photographic) images, for example: (click to enlarge) (click to enlarge) My frustration with the scope comes from the fact that I do not really look through it anymore, as I pretty much just attempt to take images. I would just like an easier way and less atmosphere dependant way to do so, and so its up for sale... Cheers, Richie
  9. Yeah, thats pretty much the conclusion I had come to after scouting around.... The C9.25 is just too heavy to go on a mid-range mount like this, and be accurate enough in guiding for good imaging. I've decided that the time has come to do as I've been told, and go down the refractor route instead. Of course, a refractor shouldn't overtax an EQ6 (I hope!), as reading the reviews of the Sphinx vs the EQ6, they sound much of a muchness... Thanks for the advice! Cheers, Richie
  10. To be honest with you Gurney, I've just decided to sell my LX200R, and trade up to an EQ6 and a decent refractor. Its just gone onto Astro Buy and Sell (excuse the plug...) My goal is taking deep-sky astro-photographs, and I am just finding the LX too difficult to focus accurately, even with the electronic focuser. After discussing this around with a few astro-friends, who have been telling me since I began that the mount is everything, and that a refractor will work best for deep-sky imaging, i've decided to listen to what they say. If I were you, I would look at what you wish to achieve in this hobby before taking the plunge (which, of course, you are!) As for Meade vs Celestron or other manufacturer, well, knowing now what I know now, I wouldn't buy a 'complete' kit again, if it didn't have the facility to chop and change OTA's from mounts of course!
  11. Hi All, Currently, I have a 10" LX200R, on a BC&F MegaWedge and tripod. The scope is about 3 years old. I am wondering about chopping it in for a similar OTA (Celestron 9.25"?) and a Vixen GP-D2 mount. I am, of course, assuming that the GP-D2 would be sufficient to mount both the SCT and the ZS66 at the same time. My focus is on astrophotography, so I need accurate guiding (I am using a Williams Optics ZS66 to guide with) So, is it a good idea? How much should I charge for a complete LX200R as well? Also, note that unfortunately, I do not have spare funds, so any money I raise for the LX would have to encompass the total purchase of the new equipment. I've just been looking at Ian King's site (http://www.iankingimaging.com/show_products.php?category=72 - scroll to the bottom), and he is currently selling the C9.25 on an HEQ5 with Synscan Pro for £2119.... Any suggestions/thoughts welcome! Thanks, Richie
  12. Hi Gurney, I own a 10" LX200R (the first one to hit the UK as a matter of fact), an ETX105, a Meade LPI and Meade DSI-C amongst my equipment list. I brought the LX in order to do astro-photography, as the ETX is not up to the task. The ETX has plastic gears, and cannot handle the additional weight of a camera. The LX is a great all-round scope, plenty of aperture, etc. If I was doing it all again, then I must confess I would buy OTA only though, as for the same money, I could have had a nice Vixen GPD2 with Goto, and the OTA. I have tuned the drives with Bucks gears kit, and added the dry-clutch to it, which helps, but I really think that I shouldn't have had to do so. As far as the OTA goes, I am currently considering getting it completely overhauled, as it is not able to maintain collimation both in front and behind the point of focus, which I believe is due to mirror slop as it slides up and down the central tube. I've been pretty happy with it overall though, its just a case of knowing how to get round the problems. I have been told by Nik Szymanek and Ian King that really the best route into Astrophotography is using small aperture refractors, and that is something that I've been pursuing with my photography, using the LX to guide, and imaging through my ZS66, which does make guiding alot easier! I think its just one of those things - the SCT design is a compromise, it allows planetary AND Deep-sky imaging. And, as usual, it all depends how much you want to spend. Cheers, Richie
  13. Sure - I'll have a look....
  14. Thank you... Equipment wise, I'll put it in my sig, but here is the list... Meade 10" LX200R, Meade DSI-C, Meade LPI, Williams Optics ZS66, Roll-off Roof Observatory I hope to improve on that image at the end of the year - My observatory was only just (barely) serviceable when Orion was up, so looking forward to being able to spend a few nights mosaic-ing it..
  15. Thanks guys... And welcome to you as well Gurney Blowing my own trumpet here, but this is my fav so far.... I wish I had taken a flat-frame though (click to enlarge) Hope you like it!! Theres plenty more on my website - http://www.helkit.com/astro Thanks, Richie
  16. Hi All, I thought i'd post my latest image - M13 - its been very difficult getting any time on the scope recently though (click to enlarge)
  17. Hi All, I got recommended over here a while ago, and the URL has been lurking in my phone for ages... Still, better late than never I suppose. Right, well, a little about myself.... I live in East Sussex, attend both The Lewes Astronomers and Eastbourne Astronomical Society. I've been playing with imaging for about 3 years now, with varying levels of success. I've also just (almost) completed my roll-off roof observatory. Anyway, I look forward to finding out what all the fuss is about! Thanks, Richie
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