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  1. Hi all, I thought i would share a first outing and testing ready for the darker & colder nights to roll in :-). This is a 3.5min shot of the 'Plough' in a very polluted town i live in near Cambridge, UK. This was a single shot and run through LR5 to bring the darks back to black' ish. Any tips for future testing please do not hessitate to throw them my way. Thanks Paul Settings: Shutter: 3.5mins, ISO: 200, F8.
  2. Thanks this was just a first try and test :-)
  3. http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/187794-ioptron-skytracker-test/
  4. Hi all, Just had a quick go of my sky tracker. Rough polar align as I don't understand the scope all and need help hint hint. The shot below is 8 x 30s shots stacked so around 4 mins exposure at 28mm, f4 and iso 800. Can't wait too get out properly and try this tracker out. Paul
  5. Mag reviews can be very bias ? What mag ?
  6. Hi all So ioptron sky trackers keep selling out in the UK but no one has put anything up including images taken with them. There are a few vixen polarie posts around but not many user reviews. Maybe everyone is out enjoying their purchases haha Paul
  7. So I pre ordered a ioptron skywatcher from this supplier knowing it will be around 2 weeks until they received them. The process became a bit strange when I was given multiple delivery dates including a text to say yes just waiting for the courier to drop them off. After a week or so I was told they will not be supplying the ioptron now !!! OK now 3 weeks later with numerous emails calls and texts saying your refund will be today I still haven't received a refund. My bank have now been tasked to retrieve the money. I think its only right that I warn fellow astronomers about this supplier so they can make their own decisions on using this supplier. Thanks Paul marshall.
  8. Cheers thanks not bad for a second go at it !!!! My tracker is on its way too ;-)
  9. Pete What do you use to stack them together ??? im new to this !! Paul
  10. Thanks a lot, clear here this week but I'm sure clouds will roll in haha
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