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  1. Could do with some more advice, I have just bought a WO 72 Megrez and the kind man in the shop said if I was not happy with it he would exchange it for my other choice which was a Equinox 80. Even though I love the WO, and it has had great reviews , I find myself going back to the old saying that aperture is best. I know WO have a good reputation and it should be a keeper but some other opinions would be very welcome to help me make up my mind. Thanks again in advance for any replies. Vlebo
  2. Ok ! Ok! I admIt it . My Daughter did say yesterday when I got the scope home she did not like the colour and walked off muttering something about she would rather have a Nintendo Wii, so it looks like I am stuck with it. Anyway talking of mounts I unpacked the Supa-trak today and found no instructions so I think I have put it together correctly but there are a few bits left over like a bag with a screwdriver some nuts and a couple of metal plates. I went on Skywatchers site to download an instruction leaflet but the one they have must be an old model Because it is not the same. Does anyone have a link I can use for instructions? Thanks in advance Vlebo
  3. I finally made my mind up after standing in Widescreen centre for what seemed like hours trying to decide between Equinx 80, WO Zenithstar 80 and WO Megrez 72 FD. I went for the 72 for its portability and great reviews I read in forums like this one. May have made a mistake with the mount though, I went for the Skywatcher Supatrak for its tracking abilities but it seems a bit flimsy ,so I might change it for the Vixen Porta Mount which may be a bit sturdier unless anyone can recommend anything else. Anyway now waiting for a clear night so I can get out there. Thanks again Vlebo
  4. Hi I trhink I have boiled it down to the WO Megrez 72, Skywatcher Equinox 80 or the WO Zenithstar 80. If anyone has any recommendations they will be much appreciated. Vlebo
  5. Thanks for the helpful advice from all of you. I think I will be going for the 130 Refractor goto ,either Celestron or Skywatcher . Thanks again Vlebo
  6. Ps Thanks Beamer I have been looking at Newts as well And does anyone have any experience with Skywatcher Skytravel scopes because they sound as if they may be suitable with minimum fuss.
  7. Hi Tom A bit of both really . My daughter is 8 going on 18 and she really is interested in astronmy, Planets as well as dso, so I figure I should get something reasonable that we can both get good use out of and will last long after she loses interest, which she may well do, if past history is anything to go by.
  8. Hi all My daughter has been recently driving me mad to get her a Telescope because she wants to get out there with me but use her own scope. I have about £300-£400 to spend and to be honest it would be handy having a second scope that is easier to put up and break down than my LX when I just want a quick look at the night sky. I have thought of getting a Skywatcher Skymax 127 supa trak but I think this is only really good for planetary viewing and something for Deep sky viewing would be used more by me once she goes to bed. Maybe a Dob with more aperture than 127 would be better suited. Anyway while I await your informed responses I will continue to scour the net Thanks in advance Vlebo Ps It is also an excuse to get over my technophobia with my 10" lx200r which I have still not set up.
  9. Thanks I have placed an order and look forward to there arrival. Vlebo
  10. Sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you all but I want to thank you all for your kind words and as soon as I am up and running you will be the first to know Thanks again Vlebo
  11. I did not know bobs knobs were still available. I will search the internet and try and find some. Thanks for the reminder Chris
  12. Thanks Paxo and Mr Ed. That was a lot of help and I am just about to get the whole thing together for ,hopefully, a long nights viewing Vlebo
  13. Hi everyone I am finally putting together my LX200R 10" and was wondering if I need to collimate it as often as I have read . It looks pretty daunting to me and I am afraid I may mess it up being the ham fisted novice that I am. Also am I better of getting an artificial star to make it easier and does it really need doing everytime I use it or does it hold its collimation provided I am carefull with it. Yours Nervously Vlebo
  14. Thanks everyone for your replies. Today I am going to go for it and put it all together and you never know , if last night was anything to go by , I might have a clear night and actually start using it. Thanks again Vlebo
  15. Thanks Phillydee Mine stays in a wardrobe in the Garage where it has enough room to stand up with the ota facing up. so I assume I can leave it all assembeled ?. Vlebo
  16. Hello everyone. This may appear a silly question ,but I am still a novice to astronomy. I am about to set up my scope for the first time and was wondering if, once set up ,you leave the finderscope and the electronic focuser etc permanently on the ota or do you take the whole thing apart everytime you use it. STILL WAITING FOR A CLEAR NIGHT Vlebo
  17. Thank you to all who have replied to my post. I was really pleasently surprised to get such a nice response from all of you . I live in Stanmore MIddlesex and look forward to chatting with you over the coming months and getting my scope up and running. Thanks again to all of you. Vlebo
  18. Hello everyone. Just a quick word to introduce myself. I have been interested in Astronomy all my life and last year treated myself to a Meade 10" LX200R. The sad thing is I have never used it. It still has pride of place in a wardrobe in my garage but the thoght of getting it set up fills me with dread. I trhink I should have gone for something easier to set up. hopefully this summer I will get over my fear of technology and have a go. Any help greatly appreciated. Yours in Desperation Vlebo
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