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  1. Mounting it !! Hopefully the dealer I get it from will let me have a few practice runs on the shop floor demo one .
  2. I stand corrected . Have you used your 152 lately ? I am goint to Astro Fest on fri just to have a looksee but unless anything else catches my eye I have decided on a 152 Achro like yours from Altair Astro on a Sky Tee 2 ( coz of the slo mo controls ) or the Altair Sabre Mount.
  3. Ant you mention it will not be good at high power . I have 3 Pentax XW's 30mm , 20mm and 10mm and was thinking of adding a 7mm also to use with the 152 Achro. do you think it is necessary or are the three I have probably all I would need for this scope ?
  4. Nothing quite prepared me for the sheer size of the OTA , it was absolutely Mahoosive !!!!! After the initial shock had worn off I must say it is quite an impressive piece of kit . The finish is superb and that huge 3" focuser is butter smooth. It will go on a Altair Sabre Mount which I am told will handle it no problem. I must send Ant a pm as to how easy or difficult it is to get up on his Skytee 2. The Scope and Mount with counterweights and associated bits comes in at approx £1300. A lot for a Achro on a Alt Az mount but I think it is something I will use a lot and look forward to taking out to some nice dark skies not too far from me. ( having said all that a Flextube 350p is £1250 !!!!!! )
  5. Tring Astronomy have a Starwave open evening tonight so I am popping over later to take a look at their 152mm Widefield Achro Refractor . You never know , I may finally get me a scope !!!
  6. I have had some eyepieces in storage for a couple of years until I buy another scope . They are in the wardrobe in my bedroom in there bolt cases and original boxes with lots of dessicant pouches in with them. Yesterday I took them out to give them the once over and they seemed fine. The 30mm had a little dust on the viewing end so I tried to blow it off with my breathe but it would'nt budge so being uber a--l I cleanerd both end with Baader Wonder fluid and the provided cloth. I sprayed some fluid on the cloth and gently wiped the lens with a circular motion.Everything seems nice and clean and dust free so alls well. I was wondering by doing that if you actually remove some of the protective coatings on the lenses or are they tougher than I think. Hate to think I've caused any damage as they are not cheap eyepieces. Thanks Chris
  7. They are now in stock at Altair Astro http://www.altairastro.com/product.php?productid=16699&cat=270&page=1 Attached to one of their Sabre mounts or a SkyTee 2 makes for a tempting combo. I think i've narrowewd it down to one of those or a Celestron C9.25 on Sabre mount or a Flextube 12" or 14" ( more narrowing down required !!!!! )
  8. My first proper set up was very similar to this but I had the Equinox 120 and the Flextube 300p. Needless to say between them they virtually covered all bases ( kicking myself for getting rid of both of them ). Something similar eg 300p Flextube and 120ED frac still comes in at about 2 grand plus some decent eyepieces and you are good to go . You can also go down the route of a Celestron C9.25 on a Alt Az mount ( like the Altair Astro sabre mount ) . Also a good all rounder and much loved by the astro community.
  9. I finally got home from work at 2am last night and made myself a cuppa and popped out the back into the garden. It was freezing cold but trhe night sky was crystal clear and even with the moon lighting up the night Jupiter was hanging in the SW sky like a diamond while to the right of it was Orion looking spectacular in the night sky. Its a lovely time of year !!!
  10. Too busy looking at things that actually exist !!!
  11. When viewing wearing varifocals should you not be using the lower part of your spec lenses as that part is for near distance. Surely the object you are looking at is actually only as far away from your eye as the secondary is from the eyepiece in a newt ( I am probably wrong ! ).
  12. http://www.scsastro.co.uk/catalogue/orion-skyquest-xt12i-computerized-intelliscope.htm These are actually good value for money. You get a solid tube which keeps the mirrors clean for longer and less dew problems , same optics as the Skywatcher Flextube as I believe both are manufactured by Synta , plus you get the push to intelliscope system , all for a £100 more than the equivalent aperture Flextube
  13. it is a dilemma ! I have been umming and arring for over two years now over what to go for. I think , for me , priority is ease of use i.e. setiing up and breaking down and portability over huge aperture. kinda narrowed it down to a C9.25 on a Alt Az mount or a 152 mm wide field achro , again , on an alt az . But I do find myself looking at the larger dobs like the Flextube 12" or 14" which are big and bulky and even the Orion Opticc VX 12" which does seem a good combo of good aperture with portability. I think the astronomer in us does lend itself to us always going for the max in aperture but , unfortunately , this is not always the mosty practical option.
  14. One can but dream http://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=89691
  15. Yiasou Nicos ! The Orion Optics Uk VX12" is a very portable dob with a small footprint thanks to its very practical base. I was thinking more in line with the Flextube 12" which has a large base and is not so portable . I do like the idea of a compact portable scope that , if need be , i can throw in the car and go to a nice dark site. I do prefer wide angle DSO viewing and the 152mm rerfractor does seem appealing as an all rounder.
  16. As much as I would like a large dob , for practicality I am leaning towards your scope or a Celestron C9.25 on a sky tee 2 or similar ( Sabre mount ) as i know i will use it much more. Can these two scopes even be compared to one another ?
  17. What have I started !!!!!!!
  18. I am still interested in ending up with a Dob and was wondering if I can access the Dob owners section ( Ive forgotten what it is called , maybe Dob Mob ) I cannot seem to find it. Thanks Vlebo
  19. This solution always springs to mind . What a dude !!!!!
  20. Sorry , they are for her husband who wants to observe wildlife , it is not astro related but I thought someone may know of a good manufacturer. Thanks
  21. Hi all. While this may not be an astro related topic my sister in law is looking for a highish end pair of night vision bins. The budget is approx £750. It is for his upcoming birthday so any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Vlebo
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