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  1. Glad your happy, at least I wont get banned lol.
  2. Never have I seen a photo of a parcel ive sent at its destination lol, kind of weird. City link did a good job.
  3. Im confused, i am new to astrophotography and my first target has been andromeda, i have done the following. 1 x 8 minute exposure at 1600iso and 10 x 7 minute exposure at 800iso plus 3 darks. The single higher iso exposure beats the hell out of 10 stacked no matter how much i play with it. I dont understand why :- It seems the only way i can improve my final image is increase exposure time. Stacking just seems like i get the original image 10 times with no incremental info added on each stack. I have tried maxim and deepsky stacker same thing. Maybe i'm missing something obvious here? Any id
  4. I had missed the ground wire lol What software is used to now control exposure in LX mod?, im using PHD to autoguide and want to increased exposure time. ty
  5. but if the mount is tracking already it wont calibrate, as the star wont appear to move.
  6. How is everyone finding targets and then switching to PHD autoguiding? I have a heq5, ed80 and st80 and im using eqmod. Is there a smooth way to transition from a star allignment tracking setup to find my target, to phd taking control of the tracking? How do you all do it? Very new to this Im happy to switch software as ive yet to get autoguiding to work with a spc900. Thanks all.
  7. Well the image becomes a lot brighter when i flick the switch, whilst im using sharpcam. I might start from scratch on a new board.
  8. Is the 5v feed to the pcb needed? Mine seems to work fine without it, but with it i get nothing. :-/ What does the 5v feed do?
  9. Cant they just included that lens within the ed80 pfft. Ill stick to the cheap option for now. TY both
  10. yep, i control mine with just this.
  11. What is the best way to hook up a 550D to a skywatcher ed80? Im going to buy a new reduced accessory version of the ED80, and im wanting to know what else i need before i order to achieve focus. I currently have a 550d with a t2 adaptor and a 1inch extension screwed to the front of it. Thanks all
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