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  1. Always thought the moon was a thing of ( which it is) but didn't really notice how it affected the sky until this astronomy bug took hold!
  2. I got m31 last night but was really washed out by the moonlight as opposed to a few weeks ago when there was no moon. I tried to find m33 last night but could not find it. I was in the right area so this could have been the moon light. I'm trying again tonight....it will not beat me!
  3. Thanks james, again, thanks for the advice!
  4. Thanks JB80. Advice much appreciated! Like I said I just wanted a few moon pics to start. Although this is probably the start of a very slippery astro photography slope!!
  5. Hi all I have an explorer 150p and a Nikon d40x dslr. How do I attach the camera to the scope. I know I need a t ring adaptor for the camera but how does this connect to the scope? I just wanted to take some basic pics of the moon to start. Cheers
  6. I saw it from a little village called Pembridge about 10miles from Hereford at the end of last summer. Simply blown away, that's the best i can do to sum up how I felt!!
  7. I had this on my eq5 and just swapped the latitude adjustment bolts as they were different lengths. It moves freely now! Phil
  8. Thanks for the advice. Another trip to the FLO website coming up!
  9. Hello How do I connect my Nikon dslr camera to my explorer 150p. I know I need a t ring adaptor. Does this fit into the 2" eyepiece adaptor? Do I need 2" eyepieces to increase magnification or can I get a reducer to still use my 1.25" eyepieces? Thanks
  10. Thanks Aronnax, 3 more targets added to the hit list!
  11. Same here, I'm already thinking of other stuff I can buy! Already got a telrad and an 8mm eyepiece! The hobby just draws you in doesn't it?! To quote Jim Carey, Dumb and dumber "tractor beam, sucked me right in"!!
  12. Hello. Well tonight was my first proper observing night. Having had my scope for a month a combination of weather and me my wife and my son all having the dreaded lurgy all I had managed was an quick hour looking at Jupiter! Tonight though I spent two hours and managed some great views of the Orion Nebula,Andromeda, Jupiter and the moon. The Orion nebula was amazing and seemed to just shine against the black backdrop, easy to see why it's considered a real jewel of the night sky! Heres to many more nights and many more visual treats! Phil Ps any target suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Hello, I'm new to this as well! I spent hours watching videos and reading before I ordered my scope so I had some idea of how to work it. The eq5 manuals are notoriously difficult to understand. Try reading astro baby's guides ( google search) and astronomy shed's videos on youtube. I found them really helpful. With the finder scope I set it up during the day. I got a distant house arial in the crosshairs then looked into the 25mm eyepiece then tweaked the scope and finder scope until both lined up. Targets do move across the fov quickly with increased magnification. I just keep nudging ra and dec knobs to keep the target centred. This probably isn't the right way to do things but I am new to all this and its a massive learning curve so I just want to master the basics. It's all a bit daunting!! Phil
  14. I recently got a skywatcher explorer 150p on an eq5 mount from FLO (suppliers who sponsor this forum). That package came to about £450. With a couple of eyepiece upgrades and a telrad finder my total outlay was about £550. I am really pleased with this set up and have had some cracking views of Jupiter and the four moons. I too would like to get into photography but from what I understand it can be expensive so I figured I would learn the sky first then upgrade in a year or two. The 150p with goto is about £550 but this is on a lesser mount. From all the research I did the general opinion was a better mount is more important than anything. The trouble is a good mount with goto is big bucks. I settled for a happy medium (IMO) and can add the goto at a later date if I want to. I nearly spent close to £800 on a big goto mount but thought maybe I should learn the sky first!
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