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  1. Matt I

    Milky Way first attempts

    canon 600d modded
  2. Thanks for the advice folks! It was indeed the secondary mirror. All sorted now!
  3. Hello all. Bought myself a second hand nexstar 5se to add to my SW Dob 200p as fancied a goto mount. The mount is great and easy align and does the job spot on. The issue I'm having is I can't get a crisp image when focusing. I can't get to the point of almost focusing as like using my Dob but it just doesn't get there. I'm using a star diagonal which appears to be in fine working order.Can only think that the diagnol may be positioned wrongly or may be an issue with one of the mirrors. Anyone come across this same issue? And how did you resolve it? Thanks in advance.
  4. Thank you folks. All so very helpful and it's much appreciated. Wide field imaging is a very wise starting point me thinks!
  5. Than you Sara. That's sounds like very good advice having just seen your website
  6. Evening all. I'm just about to embark on my astrophotograpy journey. My wife very kindly bought me an astro modified Canon EOS 600D with magic lantern installed for my fortieth birthday last week. I've just about learned all the camera functions but I'm totally clueless re magic lantern. I also need to get myself another scope as have skywatcher 200p Dob and not for suitable for imaging obviously. Could anyone give me any advice re magic lantern and what scope with a decent EQ mount might be best to get me started as my heads hurting with all the research!!!
  7. Thank you guys. This is pretty much what I thought so I need to get mobile. I'm going to get brave and plan a trip to The Brecons I think.
  8. Good evening all. I'm having real issues finding nebula with my SW 200p. I do most of my observing from LP Bristol but have only managed the usual suspects ie M42 and M57. The LP can't be that bad as I have no issues finding galaxies and observe from my balcony and manage to block a lot of light out with wooden panels I have. I also use the recommended filters but still no good and I know I'm looking at the right part of they sky eg The North American nebula. Any hints or tips would be much appreciated :-)
  9. I have a similar passion for trying to get people interested in it. Some people are, some not. I just like giving it a go with new people i meet really. The best way in my opinion these days is social media. That's where they're all at apparently! :-/ I have started a Facebook page that's linked to my regular page and I've been surprised by the interest shown :-) I do enjoy showing my kids friends my scope and images when they have them round but my kids are embarrassed my me I think but i don't care as their friends do show genuine interest which is lovely! :-) It's even better if it's dark and clear and i can actually show them through the scope. Just wish my kids were as interested! Good luck :-)
  10. Cheers Brian. Much appreciated. You're a star! (up to you which one!) ;-) Kind regards Matt
  11. Sorry,should have said it was a video. Am i just getting this terribly wrong?!! :-/ lol
  12. tried that and paint says it doesn't support the IMG file.thanks anyway.
  13. I've been taking photos and videos of Saturn with my iphone and tried to start using Registax. But it won't recognise the IMG file. Anyone know of a safe converter from IMG to JPEG I can download? Always wary of downloading any old thing. Any advice would be much appreciated :-)
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