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  1. BobSki


    it is, and I can see Earth from here too... If only the damn fog and clouds would go away
  2. BobSki


    LOL and there was me thinking you'd all run for the hills at the thought of me turning up at the next party Thanks Helen
  3. BobSki


    hmmm, is the stunning silence telling me something... like your all hiding from me LOL
  4. BobSki

    Just Joined

    Well done on joining the ranks of the retired (I've been useless to the government for 9 wonderful years) and welcome to this wonderful forum. Hmmmm, Yes, Now you've bought such a lovely instrument, you'll be filling the hours alright........watching the sky waiting for the damn fog or clouds to clear. That 8" will be a handful (as someone said earlier) I know only too well as I have an 8" Newt too. If you observe with a local group I have no doubt somebody would help you put it on the mount if need be. If you're on your own well, just be really careful when putting it into the dovetail. make hanging on to the tube until those clamping bolts are tightened a priority. As far as a cart to pull it around on is concerned, how about something like this: CART However I would be mindful of the fact that bouncing the newt about over rough(ish) ground might well cause collimation issues, so careful consideration to be given to the support packaging around the scope. It looks like this cart (or something like it as long as it is long enough) would convey most of the gear. When you have it all set up consider where you place the eye piece. With Newtonians, if you set it up as shown in most pictures (eye piece at 90 deg to the balance bar), that eyepiece will get you into some pretty uncomfortable/difficult bodily positions and/or you will be constantly loosening the mounting rings in order to swivel the scope round within the mounts. Consider placing the eyepiece in the same plane as the counterweight bar, that way it will pretty much always be accessible. Whatever you do, Have fun.
  5. Today I received my new Polar Scope, Illuminator and SkySense, What a nice Postie....well, DHL actually Thanks FLO
  6. BobSki


    Are bookings open for 2018 I found a website for sglsp 2017 but nothing for 2018. Do I need to polar align and do a 3 webpage alignment to find it
  7. BobSki

    2018 Quiz

    would that be Mars?
  8. whats that then.........clear skies LOL
  9. How could I ever forget Tich
  10. Yeah I know but the tight fisted devils don't believe in giving big portions
  11. Right, sorted, Friday, Sat, Sun and Monday nights booked along with Curry and Hogroast. If the Sunday Lunch deal is viable I'll have that too. Of course, we mustn't forget those wonderful Monster Breakfasts eh Titch :-)
  12. Definitely in for a Sunday lunch, I had one at SGL XI and it was gorgeous.
  13. ooh goody, these star parties are like London busses, don't see one for ages, then two in my first year I guess I'll be keeping my eye open for the booking link then.
  14. Hi Hadyn, I'm fine thanks buddy and trust you are well? did that cash arrive in your account safely? I have used the scope on the rifle range twice now and I am extremely pleased with it, so many thanks for that and trusting me. On my iPad I am using Stellarium mobile v1.23 I know Adrian Conlon favours Sky Safari, as does Paul above, so I guess to keep this on topic, I also learned at SGL XI that Sky Safari Pro is likely to be better than Stellarium for night use. ??
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