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  1. Thanks Steve, brilliant. Got my head in just the place it needed to be.
  2. I notice actually it states that the max payload is 9kg. My DSLR is 700g and then say my largest lens is my sigma 500mm and that is 3.1kg so call is 4kg worth of camera. That gives <5kg for anything else?
  3. Thanks for the reply. So am I right in assuming that the EQ5 is perhaps not "meaty" enough for both a DSLR and then a scope later?
  4. Ok, sorry folks I appreciate these posts are rather frequent. I've had a read over the forum over the last few weeks and also been picking up a couple of mags (Astro now and SaN). I then, as advised on here, bought and read the book "Making Every Photon Count". Some of it twice. So, I've reached the point where I need to dip my hand into my pocket. No wait, dip my hand into my wifes pocket and its a birthday gift for me For now, I'm only looking at a mount. This will be coupled to my Nikon D7000. I'm really wanting to take things slowly, one step at a time. So my idea was to get a good solid mount for imaging and get to grips with it completely with only that and my camera for now. Viewing I currently have a pair of Celestron SkyMaster 15x70 Bino's (with a tripod). The logical step after that is to get some good glass. So I need to take that in to consideration when going for my mount. So which mount? Well my budget is around £500. So I'm floating between the Skywatcher EQ3 and the EQ5 I admit that on reading I feel somewhat intimidated by the alignment process, though I guess that is better than steaming in to it feeling over confident. I guess what I want is someone to say "yes, but that one" but I know its not that simple! I wonder if someone who is familiar with these mounts might be able to give some insight. Also am I on the right track if I wish to use this to mount a DSLR and if so what else would be needed to actually mount it? I noticed the Dovetail bar that I "think" I can attached to the mount and then a Manfrotto quick release plate which I "think" I can then attached to the dovetail bar. Then I guess is power, while I do get some good sky where I live, I'd also be taking my set up to my caravan due to its remote location. With this in mind I could power from my car. I noticed a lead that uses a car cigarette lighter plug. Assume these are ok? A lot of uncertainty as you can see Finally, any other considerations? Sorry for rambling on and asking questions you likely get every day!
  5. JawD


    Thanks all. Ive ordered that book as recommended so cheers for that. Also got them bino's on order. Holding off on the other bits until I read more. And yeah, I think that's my wife's intention!
  6. JawD


    Huh? Why Mermaid? Well, in my quest to be different I just couldnt bring myself to write "hello" or "im new". I happen to have a wooden mermaid (another story) on my window ledge in this room and it's the first thing I looked at when thinking of a thread title. So, that aside, I'm new! yeah, I could have just said that buy being that this post is in here then... woooaaah hang on. I've gone off on one a bit havent I? Ok, starting over... I'm a bit of a photographer (for fun, not work) and shoot with a Nikon D7000. While I enjoy many types of photographing, landscape and nature has been my preference. I like being outdoors. With my job I drive around a bit and the camera often sits in my car boot. Now and again I'll pull over and grab an image. When the dark evenings are around, I find myself pulling over and just staring at the sky. I love the escapism. I could sit and stare all night. As I drive places like the A66 over the hills there is little light pollution and the views are stunning. Anyway, with my DSLR I have taken many of the standard moon shots and some star trails with longer exposures. I have had a desire though to step in to astrophotography. It just seems the natural progression. So that in turn brought me here. Hello! Gear wise I'm resisting the tempation to jump in face first but I do have my eye on *this* With my 40th (yeah ok, there I said it....) coming up soon my wife has promised me a treat and this could be it. I'm still researching this though so we'll see. Before that though after reading other advice, my next purchase may actually be *these* - again, any input in to that is welcome. So, other than that, some useless info about me is that I live just outside of Durham, married, 2 kids, run own unrelated business and I turn 40 in oh.... 2 weeks There we go
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